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16th of December 2014 will be remembered as The Black Day in the history of Pakistan.

It was a regular routine school day in Peshawar   Army Public School. Most of the students were learning First Aid lesson to be given in case of emergency. The Principal Mrs. Tahira Qazi was observing the class. All of a sudden firing was heard. The students were asked to bend down and sit under their chairs. But, within no time 7 terrorists entered and started massacre.

Tahira Qazi. Her personal assistant says she had the opportunity to escape the school but instead chose to stay with the students. As the militants fired shots, she rushed from classroom to classroom, shouting at those inside to lock them in. She consoled, protected, and ushered many students to safety. She even phoned parents to come and collect their children. One source says, “the honorable principal was asked by the terrorists ‘where are the students and why are you hiding them?’ She replied: ‘Talk to me, I am their mother.’ The terrorists replied ‘Ok, you die first, in a miserable way. “Bullets were fired in her head directly.”

Mrs Qazi was known to be one of the most experienced head teachers in the city, running the elite school. In 2012, she was awarded the principal of the year award for “achieving excellence and showing professional exuberance in her duty”. Her family described her as a passionate, dedicated, and committed person- more committed to the students of the school than to her own family.

Tahira Qazi, with her martyrdom, has proved that the death of a martyr is a life of the nation. Her bravery has left the whole village proud yet bereaved. The principal of Army Public School Peshawar Tahira Qazi was laid to rest on Wednesday in her native village. The villagers were mourning the loss of prominent personality of the region.

More horrifying accounts have emerged of another female teacher being burned alive as she courageously stood in the path of the terrorists and told her children to run for their lives.

Afshan Ahmed, 24, confronted the marauding gunmen when they burst into her classroom and told them: ‘You can only kill my students over my dead body.’

The militants doused her with petrol and set her alight, but she still mustered the strength to beckon her pupils to flee.

Hifsa Khush is thought to have been burned alive in front of her pupils after being doused in petrol.

The children who were murdered by the terrorists were not murdered for “going to school” – they were murdered because those were children of family members in the armed forces, the very same armed forces who happen to be fighting these terrorists in War on Terror which began 13 years ago after the attacks in USA.

NO hospital in Pakistan indulges in gender discrimination. The reason why mainly injured boys in the hospitals is probably because all the causalities and injuries are boys! When the boys school gets attacked chances are the majority of the injuries and causalities will be males.
The “Pakistani Taliban” leadership all reside in AFGHANISTAN…the very same AFGHANISTAN, NATO is controlling. This might be a good time to go after them. Western media has done a wonderful job in painting our country something that it is not, and in the times of such unthinkable barbaric attacks, still can’t get off agenda in making us look like the boogeyman.

If one doesn’t know what  talking about (which is usually 99% of the time) then don’t bother reporting it until have the facts.


A teacher is very important to educate and teach children about the difference between good and bad, so to to lead an upright life.

Messengers of Allah did the same.The messengers Allah sent were all honest, kind and God-fearing.

When killing, abusing, cheating, robbery and other evil deeds spread in any particular area, Allah chose the best person among them to guide people to follow the right path.

Each messenger passed on the message of Allah. The message was to believe in one Allah and to live a simple honest life.

The messengers practiced themselves what they preached. Their followers followed them exactly and pleased Almighty Allah. But every messenger had to face many problems. It is not easy to change bad habits in short time. People who were used to cheat and do bad things did not agree to change their old habits. So when any messenger of Allah asked them to believe in one Allah. They did not follow. They worshiped idols. Some worshiped the sun the moon the snake etc. So the messengers were sometimes rebuked and ill-treated.

The devil always misguides people. The devil makes people do harmful things. It enjoys when people fight or kill each other.

So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

to be continued———-

I am a happy go lucky with careless sluggish nature. Very easy to be carried away and fooled by even a child. I trust every one and never doubt any one’s honesty. So bore heavy losses too but I never regret or look back. Shrugging my shoulders I move on. Riches and status never impresses me. I neither feel jealous nor envy. What impresses me is the moral fiber of the person. The first human being who impressed me was my brother. What I am today is just because of him. He nurtured, educated, and groomed me to be a good human. I doubt if I have justified. Teachers of Convent like, Sr. Catherine, Mother Regis, Mrs. E. Rehman, and Ms. Nargis Gai left worthy impact of their virtuous personality traits on me. Miss. Contractor (late) the Principal of Mama Parsi School impressed me immensely. Her dedication, punctuality keen observation and commitment along with her concerned manners made me her admirer. I can never forget the kindness of Joseph the receptionist in Delhi. I was there to attend SAARC Teacher’s Conference. I had high fever and throbbing headache. He felt my pain and humanely provided me a hot cup of coffee that I needed badly. It was not his responsibility but being a good human being he did so. I wish he’s living a healthy joyful life. Mrs. Mussarat Aziz the first headmistress of Hamdard Public School stands out for her competency and perfection in carrying out her responsibilities. It was because of her that Hamdard got fame in all areas of learning and activities, may it be entrance tests, Annual Sports day, International Health day, arts competition Bazm-e- Naunehal. She would not rest until the project reached perfection. Doctor Mehnaz Munir the first administrator of HPS was the best administrator. I used to say that even the winds corrected their direction if Dr. Mehnaz was on inspection. She was strict and hard like walnut but soft and sweet like its kernel. Once she threw away all containers of potato chaat because they were not covered and flies enjoyed it more. She would never allow chewing gums and fizzy drinks in the canteen as she said they make children hyper. I loved working with Mrs. Aziz and Dr. Mehnaz. Hakim Said felt delighted to invite dignitaries from around the world. Every event was organized flawlessly under supervision of Mrs.Aziz and Dr. Mehnaz. When Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto visited Hamdard Public School I presented her a rose bud. She held it in her hand all throughout her visit until she left. It shows how she cared for others. I was just an ordinary employee who was in reception committee. The rose bud is seen in her hand in pictures.

Mrs. Lily D’Silva is another very refined and cultured lady who dedicated her more than 20 years serving Hamdard. She was very learned kind and sincere lady. Hakim Muhammad Said was a unique soul. He was honest, sincere, learned, and genuine with an eagle’s eye. He knew about every person who was his employee. He respected every one and always greeted with a smile. He never belittled any one by word or deed. He never hesitated to appreciate and encourage for good work. My hats off to him! All these people impressed me a lot and I am very grateful to have been in contact with them. May each one of them be blessed here and here after. Amen!

Though cinder means coal or ashes but I being an educationist regard cinder as diamond, for coal being the foundation of diamond.  It is commonly known that diamond is very precious and as a result costly too. It dignifies and enhances the owner’s personality. The more it is translucently and vigilantly cut in shape the more pricey it is.

Children are like cinders. They need special care and kinder to grow and glow like diamonds skillfully.  Just like a plant needs air, water and sunlight to grow lustrously, so does a child needs lots of love, care and faultless training for their character building.

Having vast and rich experience in this field, I have always enjoyed working on them, for them and with them. They are the undiscovered world of valuable treasure. Each child is a world in itself. Children and flowers are true reflection of the Creator. The closer you get to them the more you cherish and relish.

When we moved to Karachi from Faisalabad I took my son Bilal to many schools for admission; but I got disheartened when I saw the books and talked to teachers. The reason was simple. Books were costly and of higher standard compared to the standard of class. The tuition fee with other charges was too expensive.

Above all, the teachers did not have adequate knowledge as expected. Bigger the building and locality, the higher was the fees. So I decided to open a school of my own where I could educate my children besides. Though I had no previous experience but love for education and children both motivated me.

My aim was to impart and instill the values and virtues in the fresh minds what we learnt from our teachers. I remember the Irish nuns, in Convent School never asked us to speak truth or be honest. They projected characteristics of a good human being practically. We followed our teachers’ footsteps religiously. I am genuinely grateful to all my teachers.

My school got name and fame in discipline, quality education and co curricular activities alike. Our students won many laurels while competing with other schools. It was smoothly running but a fatal tragedy in the family made me close down the school with a heavy heart.

After the demise of my husband I joined Mama Parsi Girls School. It was an enriching experience to teach in a renowned school. I learnt immensely from the system and also from the students. The strict discipline and amiable teaching stimulated me more. The rapport between my students and myself earned me deep regard and gratitude. Every day without fail I was presented with flowers and warm promising smiles which lessened my tensions.

I gave them nothing in return except kinder, attention and education. To make them feel grateful to Allah for giving them health from head to toe I took my class to a leprosy centre. Children gave gifts packs to the patients and charity to the management. It was a memorable experience for all.

The drive to do and pass on more instigated me to move on. I served in many learning institutions. What I found out was that every child is individually different.Thus a teacher should handle the situations according to a child’s needs and moods using psychological tactics.

There was a girl who played with flies rather than doing her test. On asking she said she wants to play. Agreeing with her she was made to sit in the patio to play with flies. After few minutes she got fed up as expected.  After that she did well in the test. Another chubby boy refused to do his test. He did not want to write because his friends were not there. When assured that his friends will also join, he did his best.

Very interesting case was of Zainab of class 1. It was final examination. She sat depressed. When asked she whispered that she didn’t know. She also requested to solve her paper for if she fails her father will beat her. Using psychosomatic tactic, teacher took her to a vacant room. The questions were read out to her and asked if she knew the answer. Surprised that the teacher did not know either she wrote the correct answers herself. When done she was very happy that her teacher did the paper for her 😀

The conclusion to this entire write up is that, a teacher has to play many roles.  At times she has to be a friend, a mother, or a strict teacher.In fact a real teacher is like a craftsman who skillfully  discovers the latent ability of a child.  Ironing out the short comings and illumining the spark prepares cinders to diamonds to serve humanity with dignity and undaunted endeavor.

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