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It was the first day of Ramzan, the holy month when all Muslims keep 30 fasts to purify their body and souls by fasting from dawn to sunset by doing only good deeds and praying five times a day.  They learn to practice tolerance, endurance, contributions, respect and care for all.  They do this in order to avoid cheating, telling lies, boasting, being ignoble, disregard poor and be humane to the best they can.

Sheikh Chilli’s mother cooked a variety of dishes for Chilli to eat for full whole day’s fast.

She knew her son could not stay hungry for long so she lay down on the table; milk, bread, beef cutlets, vermicelli, spicy rice and so many other things for Chilli to eat. Chilli was eating as if it was his last time and he would never get another chance to munch through. He was gulping and gobbling up one mouthful after the other asking mother to cook one more paratha, as he will be on starvation all day.

Mother tired of catering so much said angrily: “ Would you let me eat a little too before the time limit. You already have munched through the amount, which is sufficient for a normal man’s one-month diet.”

She further said: “ What is the use of fasting if you are so impatient.”

Chilli: “O, mama, you get heated on such minor things.

Chilli flattering again: “Do not make paratha but promise you will serve me with a beverage.”

Mother said agitatedly: “ for God’s sake Chilli. Stop eating.”  “You will gag and vomiting will spoil your fast.”

In bygone days the facilities of timepiece, electric sirens or loudspeakers were not available so a warning toot indicated that eating time was over.

Chilli flabbergasted: “ O, mama, is the time up? I have not eaten satisfactorily—-and that beverageL.”

Mother: “ Watch out Chilli.  You can’t eat a speck of anything now or you will be losing your fast.”

Chilli: “O, Mama, the people who blow the trumpet actually keep on eating themselves but they only harass others. See it’s so dark outside. Please give me something to drink. I am dying of thirst.”

When he heard the adhan for namaz, only then he believed that time was up for eating.

When he came back from the masjid after morning prayers he found mother reciting the holy Quran. He lay down beside her and after a short while he was in a deep slumber.

He woke up with azaan of midday assuming it was time to break fast.

Chilli requested mother to give him something to munch, as it was time to break fast.

Mother got up in a hurry but when she saw the sunshine she got mad at Chilli.

Mother: “ You fool! There are still lots of time until sunset! I had just gone to sleep and you disturbed me.”

Chilli embarrassed said: “ I know it’s not evening yet, but what should I do. I am feeling so hungry and scorched.”

Agonized mother: “ I reminded you of last year’s fasting and asked you to think before you act. I will never let you fast any more now.”

Chilli felt sorry for nagging and bothering mother so he told mother in a very mild tone: “ Ok, mama, don’t get upset please. I am going to offer namaz in the masjid.”

Mother had just started to make ablution when she heard some noises outside her home.

She opened the door seeing Chilli leaning and his friends supporting him.

Mother was shocked to see her son in such a bad condition.

Mother: “ What’s wrong with my child?”

One of his friends replied that all of a sudden Chilli collapsed in the masjid.

one of the best way of testing honey if its pure or immure is that put  some drops of honey on the floor anywhere in the house. IF ants eat it then its not PURE HONEY. because if  ants loved honey then there would have been no honey in the world as ants can climb trees and there would never be any beehives or honey 🙂 I tried this test and found that honey was pure 🙂

I also tried honey with burning matchstick. that was true too.

Pure honey also crystallized if kept in a fridge for long.

Honey is very easy to digest and has countless benefits for good physical and mental health



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