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Lest we forget——-!

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Hamdard enriched us with healthy, positive and progressing events and incidents. I have written Hamdard only and not Hamdard Public School because Hamdard is not limited to a school for primary students but its Madinat-ul-Hikmah (city of knowledge).

The two great Brothers Hakim Muhammad Said and Hakim Abdul Majeed spent their lives with impervious and industrious effort for promotion of health and education.

Hamdard Public School was a day dream of Hakim Said and Mrs. Sadia Rashid. Both of them saw a child running in HPS uniform while they were sitting and praying in front of Ka’aba. Both of them shared what they saw. That was the moment Hakim Sahib decided to set up Hamdard Public School.  This is how Allah granted us a chance to be associated with Hamdard —– the true and real dream that was realized!

The first badge of children may remember that there was no light and no water in the beginning. It was the passion and charisma of Hakim sahib’s persona that every one bore all hardships of electricity, water, broken road and security problems that prevailed that time in the city, very happily.

Today’s review is in memory of very devoted and loyal staff and students who passed away but left unforgettable marks in hearts and glorious footprints for the others to follow.

The ex-administrator Dr. Qazalbash was an institution in himself. He was greatly respected and loved by students for his expertise in English language and literature uniformly.

Miss. Samina Jafri was unrivaled in Urdu literature and sharp wit, died in childbirth.

Miss. Ghazala another gem of Urdu literature. She was a gold medalist too. She led a very disturbed and full of agony life led to heavens.

Miss. Noshaba the humane teacher of social studies also left us depressed.

Miss. Tarana a beautiful young teacher who proved her worth as English language teacher died of hepatitis C.

Mr. Abdus Samad a great human being and a very learned seasoned teacher passed away of acute gout and arthritis. He excelled both in Urdu and English.

Mrs. Raffat Sami’s daughter in law died in road accident. She was teacher for primary classes.

Mumtaz the young student of class five of Hamdard Village School died a tragic death by drowning in a poodle which had electric current due to heavy rains.

Ijteba the brilliant student of Hamdard departed to highway to heaven at such young age in accident too.

The loss of these precious lives is so big along with Hakim Said’s martyrdom can never be filled. We wish all of them the best of best place in heavens. Amen !

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To Him shalll we all return!


thank you my dear Fariha for taking out time for reading n commenting too. love you


Great article! I always appreciate people who always respect important part of their past and Hamdard can never be unimportant in its student life.

I just want to point out an error. In your fourth para, shouldn’t it be batch instead of batch?

Hope this helps to improve your article even more.
Thanks. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your kind comments and concern. But will you please read again the spelling of batch—– I also wrote the same spelling, I am honored that you took time to read. may I know your good name please


It should be BATCH instead of badge 🙂 thank you I agree


Well I am Nabil Ahmed! Ofcourse X-Hamdardian. 2003 Matric pass out. What about you? How are you related to Hamdard?
I also run a website by the name of http://www.cricnix.com
Please share if you can.


Am glad to know that you are also Hamdardian:)
I joined Hamdard in 1990 and left in 1999. when did you join and which class?


Nabil beta I opened your site n left comment too but i don’t know whether it reached you or not. if you read my blog then you should know how I was and am related to Hamdard:)


Where have you left the comment Mam I cannot see it? Like it on Facebook if you use Facebook.

I joined Hamdard from 7th class in 1999, probably when you left 🙂 and studied till my matriculation in 2003.


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