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Spring breeze is filled with flowers’ fragrance

Come love; let garden carry on its business

O friends! The birdcage is in plight

Ask the gentle wind to be a delight

Request the Lord to cherish my beloved

To speak of, and relish my beloved

Wish the dawn emerges from thy leer

And the dusk emits fragrance of thy hair

The heart isn’t affluent, but agony is bighearted

The dreary still be there to cheer you as bighearted

What anguish we went through is thereafter

Sundering night and tears adorn thy hereafter

I couldn’t resist my fervor in thy presence, love

I tied up shirt in a knot; tore collar to threads, love

No place fascinated Faiz on his way

Going away from his beloved’s home

To the gallows way


Gulon mein rang bhare baad-e-naubahaar chale
Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka kaarobaar chale

Qafas udaas hai yaaro sabaa se kuchh to kaho
Kahin to bahr-e-khudaa aaj zikr-e-yaar chale

Kabhi to subah tere kunj-e-lab se ho aaghaaz
Kabhi to shab sar-e-kaakul se mushkbaar chale

Bara hai dard ka rishta yeh dil gharib sahi
Tumhare naam pe aaenge ghamguzaar chale

Jo hum pe guzri so guzri magar shab-e-hijraan
Hamaare ashk teri aaqibat sanwaar chale

Huzoor-e-yaar hui daftar-e-junoon ki talab
Girah mein leke girebaan ka taat taar chale

Maqaam Faiz koi raah mein jacha hi nahin
Jo ku-e-yaar se nikle to su-e-daar chale



If her kind attention’s blessed on my grave

How elevated and prominent be my grave

Terrifying wilderness and ardent patriotism

It hurts observing of a destitute homeless

The distressed sighs heave since evening

Heart’s burning of sorrow and suffering

Go to realize the frightful scene of dying

The lamp of life is trembling before dying

Reaction in lonely prisoners’ heart moving

Prisoners’ liberty appears to be bordering  

White hair, shaky hands holding wine cup

Indicating in anguish, of spring’s coming

To see sensual body movements of beloved

One might give away his life for his beloved

Cup bearer let not drop the last glass of wine

Someone will be hurt if drops glass of wine

The haunting souls of drunkards will hover

If drizzly springtime clouds remain to hover

What a sight to see the styles of her dresses

The alluring sight of thin subtle dresses

Pardon and don’t ask me of my past action

Failed to resist or control my heart’s passion

Don’t wish to part away ‘Yas’ from this world

It’s so inviting; the mortal garden of world

Yagana changezi

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār kā

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār kā

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan kā josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār kā

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār kā

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār kā

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār kā

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār kā

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār kā

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār

saaqī girā na dījiyo ye jām-e-āḳhirī

dil TuuT jā.egā kisī ummīd-vār

mastoñ rūheñ bhaTkeñgī achchhā nahīñ hai ab

ghir-ghir ke aanā qabroñ par abr-e-bahār

dekho to apne vahshiyoñ jāma-zebīyāñ

allāh re husn pairahan-e-tār-tār

jurm-e-guzishta afv kun o mājrā mapurs

maarā huā huuñ is dil-e-be-iḳhtiyār

duniyā se ‘yās’ jaane ko chāhtā nahīn

allāh re husn gulshan-e-nā-pā.edār

Yagana Changezi








In praise of Allah

Pour rain to make arid garden fresh O! Lord

Before hope dies-boom garden by fruit Lord

Bless us with sweet product as Thy mercy is

Whoever eats is enriched, all misery leaves

Make this land forever glow, no evil darkens

Bless in lots, so every hungry soul’s flourishes

Ignite and light my heart with Thy love O! Lord

So the light of Thy love swells all over O! Lord

Bless me a little with Thy wisdom, O! Kind Lord

Enlighten my heart to be obliged to You Lord

Abolish illiteracy and light the path of wisdom

Bless me with wisdom of words as I’m ignorant

Bless me with a heart having wealth of wisdom

Every word I say is worthy like gems and jewels

Make my words charming as fragrance of musk

My words of Thy love affect hearts like of musk

Bless my words be sweet and polite to attract

 Bless too words I write on paper get fragrant

Commend my new book like a bride of allure

Virtuous look at it may award it of Thy allure

If any evil eye is cast on it, trying to find fault

Is right to get penalty from Thou to find fault

Made a mirror after great effort, a stone hit it

Very few people hold value and worth of love

No one is interested to hear words of wisdom

Even if hears, can’t get deep insight of wisdom


Love bonds brought me here, or else

Who would yearn for, to be flecked?

Even if stung, in autumn hit garden,

My fate is but, colors lights and splendor

Who never knew how to heal the pain?

Declare to be, the marvelous healer——-

As the blooming rose, in brains and spirit

May flourish forever the tick of knowing!

Though I’m among the cluster of friends,

Yet It’s at the side of me, my fate’s loneliness!

I express gratitude heartily, to all those

Who are fond of me in fête of refined gather

محبتوں کی طلب مجھکو یاں تلک لائی
وگر نہ کسکو بھلا ہے یہ شوقِ رسوائی

خزاں رسیدہ چمن میں ہوں خار خار سہی
مگر نصیب مرا، رنگ، نور ، رعنائی !

جنہیں نہ آ یا کبھی درد کی دوا کرنا
اُنہیں بھی آج ہوا دعویء مسیحا ئی

دل و ذہن میں شگفتہ گلاب کی ما نند
سدا مہکتا ریے لمحہ ء شنا سا ئی

ہجومِ دوست کے ہوں درمیاں مگر پھر بھی
ہے ساتھ میرے ،مرے بخت کی یہ تنہا ئی

میں دل سے شکر کئے جا رہی ہوں اُن سب کا
ہیں بزمِ اہلِ سخن میں جو میر ے شید ا ئی!!!!!

رضیہ سبحان

The holy Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihewassalam said,; He who visits the sick continues to remain in the fruit garden of Paradise until he returns.

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