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Spring breeze is filled with flowers’ fragrance

Come love; let garden carry on its business

O friends! The birdcage is in plight

Ask the gentle wind to be a delight

Request the Lord to cherish my beloved

To speak of, and relish my beloved

Wish the dawn emerges from thy leer

And the dusk emits fragrance of thy hair

The heart isn’t affluent, but agony is bighearted

The dreary still be there to cheer you as bighearted

What anguish we went through is thereafter

Sundering night and tears adorn thy hereafter

I couldn’t resist my fervor in thy presence, love

I tied up shirt in a knot; tore collar to threads, love

No place fascinated Faiz on his way

Going away from his beloved’s home

To the gallows way


Gulon mein rang bhare baad-e-naubahaar chale
Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka kaarobaar chale

Qafas udaas hai yaaro sabaa se kuchh to kaho
Kahin to bahr-e-khudaa aaj zikr-e-yaar chale

Kabhi to subah tere kunj-e-lab se ho aaghaaz
Kabhi to shab sar-e-kaakul se mushkbaar chale

Bara hai dard ka rishta yeh dil gharib sahi
Tumhare naam pe aaenge ghamguzaar chale

Jo hum pe guzri so guzri magar shab-e-hijraan
Hamaare ashk teri aaqibat sanwaar chale

Huzoor-e-yaar hui daftar-e-junoon ki talab
Girah mein leke girebaan ka taat taar chale

Maqaam Faiz koi raah mein jacha hi nahin
Jo ku-e-yaar se nikle to su-e-daar chale


Life’s like gleaming moonlight in desert
Floating clouds on mountain peaks is life
Water flowing in the lagoons is vigor of life
Life is water’s itch in storm, dust and desert
Life is like dancing in pouring down rain
For Majnu life’s impulsive spellbound love
For Leila life means only Majnu’s ardent love
Life’s curb and thirst in the midst of desert
Life is suffocating and vague in gloomy night
Love, fervor, shovel and rock is Farhad’s nerve
Allure loveliness and luster is Sherin’s verve
Life’s poisonous sting for helpless lovely Heer
Spellbound tune is Ranjha’s haven and fervor
Life is engulfed in philosophical sphere
We’re adhered in life’s whirlpool sphere
Life is a game of meeting and parting away
Life is to earn be alive and then strive away
My life is thy fragrant rite at dusk and dawn
The Life is morning glory of the sun at dawn
Life is the beam of hope in the sheer darkness
Life is trust and assurance in day’s brightness
Life moves swiftly from morning to evening
Counting stars in beloved’s glamour in evening
Life is simply ambition in murky helplessness
Love and only love is eternal power of life
Life is oxygen for the fading breaths of life
Life is blooming fragrant essence of verve
I’m the life-force of blooming glowing verve
Life is simply the splendor of you and me


[ایک نظم]
زندگی صحرا میں رخشاں چاندنی کا نام ہے
کو ہ پر بادل ندی میں پانیوں کا نام ہے
زندگی طوفان ‘خاک اور دشت میں پانی کی چاہ
بارشوں میں رقص کرتی زندگی کا نام ہے
زندگی ہے قیس کی آنکھوں میں وحشت اور جذب
زندگی لیلی کے جسم و جاں میں مجنوں نام ہے
وسط صحرا پیاس اور اک حوصلہ ہے زندگی
زندگی شام غریباں میں دھو ئیں کا نام ہے
زندگی فرہاد کا تیشہ ‘جنُوں اور سنگ کوہ
زندگی شیریں کے حُسن بےبہا کا نام ہے
زندگی ہے ہیر کی بیچارگی اور زہر عشق
بانسری کی دُھن پہ رانجھا کی لگن کا نام ہے
اک وجودی فلسفے کے دائرے میں زندگی
اور محور میں ہیں ہم جس زندگی کا نام ہے
زندگی ہجر و فراق و وصل کے ہیں مرحلے
زندگی نان جویں کی جُستجو کا نام ہے
زندگی اک مشکبُو شام و سحر ہے تیری یاد
زندگی ہوتی طلوع صبح نو کا نام ہے
زندگی تاریکی شب میں بقائے زندگی
زندگی روشن سے دن میں زندگی کا نام ہے
صبح کرنا شام کا ہے زندگی کا یک روپ
رات میں اختر شماری زندگی کا نام ہے
زندگی لاچارگی میں رنگ عزم زندگی
عشق قائم عشق دائم زندگی کا نام ہے
زندگی ہے آکسیجن جاں بلب سانسوں کے نام



Takes ages for a sigh to be cherished
Who stays alive until love is cherished
Love needs patience; desire is impatient
How to care heart wounded and impatient
I know you will not ignore me at all
I’ll turn to ashes till you know it all
Ghalib who can resolve the turmoil of life
Candle burns in all forms till dawn all its life
Aah Ko Chahiye Ik Umar Asar Hone Tak
Kaun Jita Hai Teri Zulf Ke Sar Hone Tak

Aashiqi Sabrtalab Aur Tamana Betaab
Dil Ka Kiya Rang Karun Khoon_E_Jigar Hone Tak

Ham Ne Mana Ke Tagaful Na Karo Ge Lekin
Khaak Ho Jayen Ge Hum Tum Ko Khabar Hone Tak

Gham_E_Hasti Ka Asad Kis Se Ho Juz Ilaaj
Shama Har Rang Mein Jalti Hai Sahar Hone Tak


Khanum Jan

A body of clay

Is a dancing ray

Khanum Jan;

The lady, dancing in dazzling lights!

Cupped in her comfy hands

My falcons lost their way

I painted many affairs in thy eyes

I’ll but, take away all my dreams

The moment I leave your room;

Let’s see the lost faces in our eyes

Before dawn breaks! She whispered

Rais Ahmed Faroughe


What’s life–except for radiance?

What’s light—- just happiness?


This bliss dances on every leaf

In shadows of the valleys,

Hugging clouds’ boundaries    

Flutters over milieu of peace;


It’s tickling in my heart now

                                       It’s the orange flaming ray;

Where radiance glow in eyes

There reunion is lovely joy;


Don’t be ashamed of yourself

This joy will enthrall you too

However murky may night be?

Night will be redundant at last


Life, in yearn for delight

Will rise with new fervor

Flouting barriers of tyranny

Will rise with a new dawn;


Life; in the way joy emerged

To give in its entire verve

In aspiration of its radiance

To prevail over darkness;


So what if we didn’t have dawn

Will leave behind us an aspiration;

For the way of upcoming winds

Will light the lamp of awareness!



Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


















The coming of a Prophet
it was a bright morning when at dawn
a beautiful baby boy was born

This long awaited and anticipated being
the likes of which no-one had ever seen

His entry into this world was met with wonder
as in prostration he looked unto the sky from under

A “star” in Medina was seen by a Jew
the coming of a prophet everybody knew!

It was in Makah that a light raised to the sky
this light was seen in Syria “a prophet has been born” was the cry!

His mother amazed at this gift of hers
filled with joy she shed many tears

An angel whispered to her that this was to be
“Muhammad the praised one” whose message would spread to eternity!

Who would suckle this precious baby? The question asked
many aspirant eyes upon him were cast

By the command of Allah Bibi Halima appeared
taking Muhammad to the countryside where he was to be reared

In a home which was empty suddenly blessings were abound
a celestial light encompassed the land all around!

Beautiful Muhammad grew up healthy and strong
fostered for four years until he had to move along

Bibi Amina was overjoyed, for Muhammad did she pray
two joyful years had passed, then Allah took her away

This child of six by his grandfather Abdul Muttalib was taken
where after two years, by his grandfather’s death was shaken

Aboo Talib his uncle, took him at the age of eight
he was very fond of his nephew, although he did not have faith

Four years later, to Syria did they go
a Christian priest Bahira, of this future prophet, he did know

Take care of this boy, Aboo Talib was told
this child is special, this secret, do not unfold!

Many years later, as a businessman, did Muhammad marry
Bibi Khadija a widow, who had many burdens to carry?

At the age of forty, she was relieved by this twenty five years old being
a person such as Muhammad, she had never before seen

It was Ramadan, when in the cave of Hira Muhammad prayed
angel Jibraeel appeared, and an appeal to Muhammad he made

Read in the name of thy lord! A powerful voice was heard
Muhammad was frightened, almighty’s anger, he feared

Comforted by Khadija, who told him not to lament
Muhammad accepted his prophet hood, and thus he felt content.

Waraqa bin Naufal, a learned man said, the angel was the same
that had appeared before prophet Moosa as well, in Allah’s name!

So was the beginning of a long tale to tell
the rest of which, all of humanity knows well.


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