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Keep me absorbed in   thy worship
Keep all wrongdoing away from me;
Though I’m the sinner; but I a beseech
Engross, illumine me with divine light,
I may be wrapped up in thy love, Lord!
Let me illustrious to the world, Lord!
I may be wholly open to you forever
Keep me hidden from entire world;
I may not be a burden and heedless
Please do not make me so helpless;
The kind endeavor that I perform
Save me Lord to perish down the drain


Traveler roams far n wide, forgot way back,

What is thine, what’s mine, forgot disparity;

What were the days, the nights, what aim?

Heart’s a naive, forgot dreams of first love;

Engrossed in memoirs wounded badly,

Relief is grief, grief’s relief, forgot this gist;

A glance, a jiffy is span between breaths,

Missing of breath is beat’s over and done;

Senseless, unwise, and cheery by life,

Wrangle with waves, forgot oceanic depth;

Realizing that own story is normal saga,

Spent life in harmony; forgot to regret;

Whoever is there has complain and whine,

We remember everything, time forgot us;

Who said it? If asked, speak up your mind,

Meera ji repented, forgetting what he said!



Oblivious eyes

Speckled hair

Shabby attire

Heartbroken being

Used to follow me like a shadow 

If ever met me anywhere

Turned away, uneasily

looked intently at me from distant!


Basically I’m very obedient by nature. My mother like all mothers used to teach me DOS and DONTS and ethics of life. Hence she told me once that one should never give year to anyone else’s talking or try to peep and seek what others say or do. She further said that such people who intervene, sneak or spy others will go to hell. Being a very obedient child I promised to obey religiously to what she said. And believe me, I did.

It was a beautiful spring morning of Peshawar in 1966. Peshawar blooms and booms in spring season. Flowers, colors, freshness and fragrance enthrall the life of humans and animals equally. Birds twitter, butterflies flutter and cool gentle wind engross the heart and soul.

I was going to my college as my normal routine every day. I was in 11th grade. I had walked a few yards from my house when I heard a group of people following me, talking something to each other. Though I know Pashto very well and could have easily understood their conversation but, as I was told and taught never to listen, what others talk so I ignored.  But, after few minutes or moments to be exact, they walked faster than I and crossed me. I didn’t know what their intention was. The mall road was empty. It was me only who was seen on the road or that group of people wearing big white shawls.  They walked hurriedly and not more than 200   yards from me they stopped in front of Air Force Officers Residential Mess. One of them setting the stain gun opened the burst at the old shivering man who was hiding behind the tree. The begging old man died immediately. It was some rivalry case. It was in the newspaper the next day.

Stupid as ever I stood there with them. Then all of a sudden I remembered that one should sit   or bend down to save from the firing bullets. So I bent down and moved toward the side of the Mess. I saw an open kitchen. The milk was boiling and was just about to overflow the pot. I quickly switched off the stove.  A school boy of around ten years of age came to me saying; “What are you doing here. Come with me. You are the only girl here and they have seen you. Aren’t you scared?” He taking me to a family living in that Mess asked the lady to let me stay with them until the men left. But the lady was wise or miser I don’t know. She refused to let me stay in their home as I was the only eye witness and could be under observation. So she asked me leave at once. I had no option so went to my uncle’s home, which was very far from there.

By the way I was not scared a bit J

There was no way to inform my home about me. They all were worried as the firing was clearly heard. Many people hid themselves in our lawn behind the trees and in flower beds, as no one had the least idea of the happening.

I was followed by those men daily while going to college. They waited outside my college. My principal called my sister in law and asked her to send me somewhere as I was the only eye witness so the killers feared if I may not report to the police. I enjoyed at my cousin’s home for ten days. No studies no books, no tests no worries. Every one tried to make me happy and relax. When those people felt relieved that I was not a danger for them they stopped following me. The college studies and tests started once again and life got back to normal.


Withering, also see me in black lagoon drooping,

I’m the Sun, but see my complexion in evening;

Even if turning to ash, have to spread in air as dust,

See me! I have flown away with burning feathers;

The piece of art that was illustrious worldwide,

See what the termite has left its inkling behind;

You never told me that I’m weighty load on boat

Do not shut thy eyes now, see me drown to boot;

Flowers were laid on the pathway for whom,

Now see, his mud’s under the roots of weeds;

Is the bough loaded with fruit, so you gaze?

Raise your eyes, Shakeb look in ahead of you;


I’m not anyone’s delight nor anyone’s beloved

I’m of no use to anyone, just a handful of dust;

My vigor and verve discolored, I lost my companion

I’m the spirit of the garden that’s ruined by autumn;

I’m not a companion of anyone or an opponent

I’m ruined destiny; I’m dwelling of ruined era;

Why should anyone pray and spread flowers

Why burn incense, I’m that insolence tomb;

I’m not a melodious song, who will hear me

I’m a downhearted elegy of a broken heart

Bahadur  Shah Zafar


Rise Insha ji, move now, pointless, be affable to this town,

Pointless to be calm for nutty, loner has no abode in town;

Just see; just ponder on this broken heart’s condition

Weird to ask for love from a crushed heart’s condition

Night descended, moon set down too, door is locked

Why delayed home, what excuse will give to beloved?

Then in long lonesome night, one jiffy only to meet

Say it suchlike you have in heart, why shy and fear?

That day when I saw her, it seems like a dream

That day when I  talked to her, was true or sham?

Blaze her too my aching heart, be a burning red flame

Flow like a tear is no fun; what to be lost and fade away;

When urban people let not exist, why not settle in jungle

If not talk like nutty; then what else the nutty do?




I traveled to towns to meadows,

With an ache of craving, in heart

To have a dearly loved, a dear one

To have a luminosity or a sheen;

Say once, that you are mine!

When monsoon clouds float

When spring blossoms around

When the moon showers light

When the sun bathe in sunshine

Or the evening enchanting town

Say once, that you are mine!

Loving arms are heartily open

Why damsel down in the dumps

How long we’ll be deceived in love

How long will you seek to peek?

When’ll heart be elated to peek?

Say once, that you are mine!

Why to fret on profit and loss

It’s not a gypsy’s trade to do

Take away all money and riches

You alone are precious for me;

Say once only, that you are mine


Why sitting eyes down cast?

What’s there you are hiding?

No foot marks on the pathway,

Sitting there and expect?

Vain for picture image in heart

Upholding the mirror image?

In whose glum the dewdrops,

Ornamented on eyelashes?

 Heart will be sold priceless

Why attach a label to it?

Spellbound of shoreline,

You forgot the hurricane?

Got the divine enlightenment?

Hence, blown off thy candle

Concerned of the heart‘s piety?

Just festooning physically

Frittered away the life here

Pondering not on core aspire


Spring breeze came to ask me

Who did chain up your feet?

You met once and never met again,

Thy remembrance, revisit over again;

See, the effect of my beloved’s thought,

Solitude now appears to be festivity;

A teardrop is akin to, my being flowing,

Deeper than the ocean is my serenity

It’s the dark spot where the wind came

Number of times, to light the lamp;

Neither had you said anything to me nor I,

Then what did the silence say repeatedly?

Of losing loveliness and liveliness of spring,

The ruthlessness of autumn overshadowed

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