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Singing songs he’s lost self in dreams

He has silenced! The traveler of dreams

Stunned in musical tools; The Belle, dancing

She’s lost in ecstasy; she’s stopped dancing!

The shining stars and metaphors fascination

Have faded away and lost their captivation

Silence is ecstatic, and silence is deceptive

The being made of dust returned to dust

Whatever’s made of light subsists in light

Its celestial ambiance!



Abolish night’s gloom, light the lamp

Abolish fire of hate, light the lamp

From the serenity of followers of love

Arousing a stir in life, light the lamp

The skies have all the time been against

Forgetting everything, light the lamp

If the drive to defeat is crystal-clear

Illumine other lamp, glow with the lamp

Those who increase dark to every traveler

See! God is watching, do light the lamp


Traveler roams far n wide, forgot way back,

What is thine, what’s mine, forgot disparity;

What were the days, the nights, what aim?

Heart’s a naive, forgot dreams of first love;

Engrossed in memoirs wounded badly,

Relief is grief, grief’s relief, forgot this gist;

A glance, a jiffy is span between breaths,

Missing of breath is beat’s over and done;

Senseless, unwise, and cheery by life,

Wrangle with waves, forgot oceanic depth;

Realizing that own story is normal saga,

Spent life in harmony; forgot to regret;

Whoever is there has complain and whine,

We remember everything, time forgot us;

Who said it? If asked, speak up your mind,

Meera ji repented, forgetting what he said!



Very long ago when there was no television and computers, people did not know much about other places, people or their way of living.


In those days, a young man loved to go from place to place to see the sights.  He loved nature and beauty. He traveled to different parts of the world. As he was one of the very few people from his village, which had been to so many places, he became very big headed.


Whenever he came back to his own village after his trips, he would constantly boast about his adventures. His neighbors and other villagers got bored of his long repeated tales. But he never stopped sharing his cherished experiences.


Every day he used to repeat the same story. He would excitedly say thumping his chest: “When I was in Rhodes, I made a most amazing high jump that the people there, had ever seen. I have witness to prove it, too. A beautiful and very rich girl there was so impressed that she wanted to marry me, but I refused.” He made up such stories to impress but it annoyed and bored the folk instead.


One evening when they all gathered after day’s hard work for chit chat, the traveler started to repeat the same story. Then one of the villagers who were already fed up of traveler’s boasts said:


“The events you performed in Rhodes may all be true but if you perform here in front of us, it will save our time and your energy too.”


The traveler failed to do so—as it was all made up story. He was not a good sportsman. He only wanted to get attention of others, so boasted.






Self praise is no recommendation!





Town to town roamed traveler forgot way home

What’s yours what’s mine, forgot mine and thine;

Whence realized mine story is world’s legend

Gladly spent life, forgot grievance and moaning;

 A ray peeped through the darkness feeling shy

Remember the glance, forgot how the face was;

In fun-loving, pleasing, playfully meditatively

Color faded; heart finally forgot wound’s leak;

One glances, one moment of breaths’ string now

When a glance of spirit dies, hard to live a instant;

Who ever to notice, has alike norm in heart,

We remember all; however the era forgot us;

           Some one may say, who said it, what’s in bosom speak,

                                  Said MIRAJI, later regretted, and then forget to speak;



nagarii nagarii phiraa musaafir ghar kaa rastaa bhuul gayaa
kyaa hai teraa kyaa hai meraa apanaa paraayaa bhuul gayaa

apanii biitii jag biitii hai jab se dil ne jaan liyaa
ha.Nsate ha.Nsate jiivan biitaa ronaa dhonaa bhuul gayaa

a.Ndhyaare se ek kiran ne jhaa.Nk ke dekhaa sharmaa_ii
dhu.Ndh sii chhab to yaad rahii kaisaa thaa cheharaa bhuul gayaa

ha.Nsii ha.NSii me.n khel khel me.n baat kii baat me.n rang gayaa
dil bhii hote hote aaKhir ghaav kaa risanaa bhuul gayaa

ek nazar kii ek hii pal kii baat hai Dorii saa.Nso.n kii
ek nazar kaa nuur miTaa jab ek pal biitaa bhuul gayaa

jis ko dekho us ke dil me.n shiavaa hai to itanaa hai
hame.n to sab kuchh yaad rahaa par ham ko zamaanaa bhuul gayaa

ko_ii kahe ye kis ne kahaa thaa kah do jo kuchh jii me.n hai
“Miraji” kah kar pachhataayaa aur phir kahanaa bhuul gayaa

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