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I’m stupid by nature !

Posted on: November 20, 2014


Basically I’m very obedient by nature. My mother like all mothers used to teach me DOS and DONTS and ethics of life. Hence she told me once that one should never give year to anyone else’s talking or try to peep and seek what others say or do. She further said that such people who intervene, sneak or spy others will go to hell. Being a very obedient child I promised to obey religiously to what she said. And believe me, I did.

It was a beautiful spring morning of Peshawar in 1966. Peshawar blooms and booms in spring season. Flowers, colors, freshness and fragrance enthrall the life of humans and animals equally. Birds twitter, butterflies flutter and cool gentle wind engross the heart and soul.

I was going to my college as my normal routine every day. I was in 11th grade. I had walked a few yards from my house when I heard a group of people following me, talking something to each other. Though I know Pashto very well and could have easily understood their conversation but, as I was told and taught never to listen, what others talk so I ignored.  But, after few minutes or moments to be exact, they walked faster than I and crossed me. I didn’t know what their intention was. The mall road was empty. It was me only who was seen on the road or that group of people wearing big white shawls.  They walked hurriedly and not more than 200   yards from me they stopped in front of Air Force Officers Residential Mess. One of them setting the stain gun opened the burst at the old shivering man who was hiding behind the tree. The begging old man died immediately. It was some rivalry case. It was in the newspaper the next day.

Stupid as ever I stood there with them. Then all of a sudden I remembered that one should sit   or bend down to save from the firing bullets. So I bent down and moved toward the side of the Mess. I saw an open kitchen. The milk was boiling and was just about to overflow the pot. I quickly switched off the stove.  A school boy of around ten years of age came to me saying; “What are you doing here. Come with me. You are the only girl here and they have seen you. Aren’t you scared?” He taking me to a family living in that Mess asked the lady to let me stay with them until the men left. But the lady was wise or miser I don’t know. She refused to let me stay in their home as I was the only eye witness and could be under observation. So she asked me leave at once. I had no option so went to my uncle’s home, which was very far from there.

By the way I was not scared a bit J

There was no way to inform my home about me. They all were worried as the firing was clearly heard. Many people hid themselves in our lawn behind the trees and in flower beds, as no one had the least idea of the happening.

I was followed by those men daily while going to college. They waited outside my college. My principal called my sister in law and asked her to send me somewhere as I was the only eye witness so the killers feared if I may not report to the police. I enjoyed at my cousin’s home for ten days. No studies no books, no tests no worries. Every one tried to make me happy and relax. When those people felt relieved that I was not a danger for them they stopped following me. The college studies and tests started once again and life got back to normal.

6 Responses to "I’m stupid by nature !"

Wow, what a story. I too am too stupid to know when to be scared, so I understand. I’m just very happy you were safe. 🙂

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Thank you for understanding me Elizabeth 🙂 i’m reading your blog very nicely written and winter photos are so good they make one feel cold 🙂

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Oh my God, I’m so sorry for this experience, I hope it didn’t last too deep of scars. So glad to know that you are safe now. Wish you best in life 🙂


as i’m a nut so nothing leaves long lasting impact on me:) thank you for concern. cheers


People like u born after hundreds of years. U happy go lucky 😊 u r really a gem. Lov u

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