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With autumn morning glides wintry gale

In deep dullness, morning moves sad gale

Clouds floating heedlessly in the blue sky

And gloomy daylight with that aching gale

It flits about day long over the ambiance

Grimy dusty twirling   autumn wintry gale

 Sad gale engaged me in thy remembrance

 Saddened in deep sorrow the wintry gale

Deserting the lanes and the whole ambiance

The evening’s gloomy lonesome wintry gale

Wandered from dawn to dusk with the gale

Met no one but just the sad lonesome gale

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Spring breeze came to ask me

Who did chain up your feet?

You met once and never met again,

Thy remembrance, revisit over again;

See, the effect of my beloved’s thought,

Solitude now appears to be festivity;

A teardrop is akin to, my being flowing,

Deeper than the ocean is my serenity

It’s the dark spot where the wind came

Number of times, to light the lamp;

Neither had you said anything to me nor I,

Then what did the silence say repeatedly?

Of losing loveliness and liveliness of spring,

The ruthlessness of autumn overshadowed

Love bonds brought me here, or else

Who would yearn for, to be flecked?

Even if stung, in autumn hit garden,

My fate is but, colors lights and splendor

Who never knew how to heal the pain?

Declare to be, the marvelous healer——-

As the blooming rose, in brains and spirit

May flourish forever the tick of knowing!

Though I’m among the cluster of friends,

Yet It’s at the side of me, my fate’s loneliness!

I express gratitude heartily, to all those

Who are fond of me in fête of refined gather

محبتوں کی طلب مجھکو یاں تلک لائی
وگر نہ کسکو بھلا ہے یہ شوقِ رسوائی

خزاں رسیدہ چمن میں ہوں خار خار سہی
مگر نصیب مرا، رنگ، نور ، رعنائی !

جنہیں نہ آ یا کبھی درد کی دوا کرنا
اُنہیں بھی آج ہوا دعویء مسیحا ئی

دل و ذہن میں شگفتہ گلاب کی ما نند
سدا مہکتا ریے لمحہ ء شنا سا ئی

ہجومِ دوست کے ہوں درمیاں مگر پھر بھی
ہے ساتھ میرے ،مرے بخت کی یہ تنہا ئی

میں دل سے شکر کئے جا رہی ہوں اُن سب کا
ہیں بزمِ اہلِ سخن میں جو میر ے شید ا ئی!!!!!

رضیہ سبحان

The night would be fragrant of familiar odor,

The same odor would’ve come from thy attire; 

Seeing mirror, a little would hark back

A sigh on silent lips might have played;  

All shades of thy veil have autumn colors

Dusk of flaking flora was in search of thee; 

Thou, who see far-off, of the seashore,

Heart’s vessel would have sunk nearby; 

Love was the center of thy dreams and eyes,  

  The esteem of love would have broken markedly


Shaista Mufti’s work translated by Tanveer Rauf


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