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Biblically referenced as the fruit growing on the Tree of Knowledge, the princely pomegranate also has resonance in Islamic texts and for our health.

The princely pomegranate, ar-Rumm in Arabic, is mentioned in the Qur’an as one of the many delicious rewards awaiting in Paradise. Its numerous uses in cooking and medicine, as well as its beautiful structure, make the fruit a wonder for Muslims who believe that each pomegranate seed is a sign of The Sustainer.

Pomegranates are mentioned three times in the Qur’an.
1) As one of the fruits that will be found in paradise:

“In both of them (gardens) are two springs, sprouting? in both of them are fruit and palm trees and pomegranates.

so which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” (Quran, 55, 56 —–69)

2. as a reminder of the nutritious provision from God,

3.And as a sign of His artistry,

“And it is He who sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby the growth of all things. We produce it greenery from which We produce grains arranged in layers. And from the palm trees- of its emerging fruit are clusters hanging low. And [We produce] gardens of grapevines and olives and pomegranates, similar yet varied. Look at each of its fruit when it yields and [at] its ripening. Indeed in that are the signs for a people who believe” (Quran, 6:99)

The frequent mentions of this fruit are because of its gem-like beauty, a glistening core of seeds compacted in a layer resembling honeycomb.
Equally astounding are the colors of the fruit and flowers which are an attestation to the Qur’anic verse:
“And whatsoever He has created for you on the earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits] and from animals. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember.” (Qur’an, 16:13)

Nutritional Value
nutritionally pomegranate fruit is rich in Vitamin C with a calorific value of 65 (calories), while it is a good source of sodium, riboflavin and calcium.

Prophet Muhammad of Islam, peace be upon him, told his Companions that each pomegranate potentially held a heavenly grain;
there’s not a pomegranate which does not have a pip from one of the pomegranate of the Garden (Jannah) in it. “Abu Nu’aim narrated by Anas)

And these pips, along with the outer skin, are rich with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, testimony to its benefits for cleansing the palate. The Prophet therefore also said,
“Pomegranate and its rind strengthen digestion (stomach). (Abu Nuaim, narrated by Ali)

11 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice:

  • Fights breast cancer
  • Lung Cancer Prevention
  • Slows Prostate Cancer
  • Keeps PSA Levels Stable
  • Protects the Neonatal Brain
  • Prevention of Osteoarthritis
  • Protects Arteries
  • Lowers Cholesterol (It lowers LDL (bad cholesterol)and raises HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Dental Protection. Research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice may be a natural way to prevent dental plague
  • Alzheimer’s disease Prevention. It may prevent and slow Alzheimer’s disease.


Water caltrop, watser chestnut or Singhara is very nutritional and beneficial for health. Singhara or water caltrop is a fruit. Its flour is used to prepare many dishes. It is cooked like veggies. It can also be eaten raw and boiled.

Singhara is used in diarreahoea, dysentery, swelling and bronchitis. Excessive eating of water caltrop gains weight.  Singhara is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin B, C, Iron, Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iodine but contains no fat. It is natural anti oxidant. It prevents wrinkles, protects from UV rays and helps to boost energy.

Good for overall health: It is rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals. Ayurveda says it contains 22 % more mineral than buffalo milk. Ayurveda use it to cure various diseases like, gout, ulcer and heart diseases. It helps to prevents diabetes.

Good source of energy: Caltrop is very rich in carbohydrate. 100 gm of it gives 115 calories

Helpful in thyroid: it contains iodine, manganese and other minerals that help in proper functioning of thyroid

Eczema: for eczema cure, apply dried caltrop mixed with lemon juice on affected area regularly

Pleas4e note:

A healthy person can eat 10 to 15 grams of caltrop daily. This also varies depending on digestive strength

Do not eat caltrop (Singhara) in access as it may cause bloating and stomach ache

Do not drink water after eating water caltrop

If suffering from constipation then better avoid eating it

Water caltrops are a perfect snack for they are rather enjoyable when shared around with friends. They taste a little like chestnut and are quite addictive. Give them a try! 😉

Boiled Water Caltrops

Water caltrops

Be careful l when handling water caltrops, the ‘horns’ are very sharp!

1. Rinse water caltrops to clean them.

  1. Placewatercaltrops in a saucepan and fill water until it covers them.
  2. Add some salt.
  3. Boil for 20~25 minutes.
  4. Once cooked, drain thewaterand transfer water caltrops to a plate.
  5. Use a pair of scissors to crack opens the shell and digs the meat out with a knife.

Water caltrops are a perfect snack for they are rather enjoyable when shared around with friends. They taste a little like chestnut and are quite addictive



Make thou illustrious in love’s world?

My innocent heart, make thou proud;

Thou heart itself insist on, to meet me,

Make thy heart so alluring to meet me;

Life keeps me away from you, otherwise

I’ll get rid of it, if thou are nearby   me;

Why feel shy to confess, you love me?

If ever meet me, compel you to confess;

Why live a dull life? O’ you! The beauty!

Come hither! Let me douse you in love;

If thou are here, I, being lost in love will,

Compel the stars to supplicate you;

 World is akin to a black hole, beloved,

Just a peg more, I’ll light up the world

Life is dubious otherwise, I promise,

Will light up with love, the world!


She must be feeling jealous   within

Leisurely walking in moonlit night;

The moon has wrapped it in clouds,

She must me changing her wear now;

On the way to red and green valleys

She may be, strolling with me;

Climbing upon a hummock,

May be turning her side now;

Bruising herself of tree’s bark,

She is slithering from the bough;

Waking from the leisurely dream,

How long would she been baffled


Each and every one is lonely in this world

No one care for anyone;

What’s love; what’s loyalty, what’s dreaming of love?

Those who were as one yesterday are not even in image;

All events of life are sham; my shadow is not mine either

Life’s akin a boat; but there’s no mariner;

Who helps the drowning heart in a whirlpool?

                                                             There’s no seashore

Is duniyaa me.n sab hai.n akele,

koii kisii kaa nahii.n,

kaisii mohabbat kasii vafaaye.n kaise pyaar ke sapane,

aaj Khayaalo.n me.n bhii nahii.n hai.n saath jo the kal apane,

jhuuThee hai.n sab jag ke mele,

saayaa bhii apanaa nahii.n,

kaaGhaz kii ek naa.Nv hai jiivan koii nahii.n hai maa.Njhii,

biich bhavar me.n kaun banaa hai Duubate man kaa saathii,

kahate hai.n maujo.n ke rele,

koii kinaaraa nahii.n,

Sehba Akhtar


Chinese New Year started many thousands of years ago. It is celebrated even now every year. It is celebrated to remember and pay tribute to their ancestors. Grand parties are thrown and gifts exchanged. “Red Envelops” signifies lucky money. Chinese have continued their ancient traditions with pride and pleasure. The nations that keep their traditions and virtues alive flourish and boot. China is the best example.

One of such tradition is the story you’ll read and enjoy;

Thousands of years back, there was a monster named Nian. It loved to visit a small village of china every year to scare people and have fun. He wanted the people to know that Nian is alive and comes every year before the dawn breaks for the new day of the New Year. He scaring every one he came cross would get delight. Simple people were terrified of him and his tomfoolery. Nian waited anxiously for the year to end and New Year to come so he could again harass people.

Nian’s naughtiness would have continued forever. But one day, luckily by chance, a villager was wearing a red tunic and going to his field. The village didn’t know that Nian would suddenly jump out to scare him. Nian did jump out to scare him. But Nian itself was very scared of red color. So when it saw the red tunic, it ran away. The village being terribly frightened himself dropped the metal bucket he was carrying. The bucket bounced down the hill behind Nian, hitting every rock in its path. It made a terrible sound. Nian getting more frightened of the red tunic and the rolling sound ran away faster.

The villager told his story of fabulous luck to everyone. His red tunic scared the Nian monster and the roaring sound of the bucket made it ran away. This was good news.

The next year, the villagers were prepared to face Nian. When they saw the monster coming, they ran after him waving red banners and shaking rattlers. Nian got so scared of the red color and loud sound, that he ran away as fast as its legs could carry him. The villagers never saw Nian again.

That’s why people in china believe the red color signifies luck. Children and even adults shake rattlers and light fire crackers making loud noise on Chinese New Year’s eve. They believe that by doing this they scare away the evil spirits, and monsters like Nian if any.

                                                    Allah is most kind and merciful 


Almighty Allah created man and his mind with its purpose set on achieving knowledge, the most important of which is that Allah alone is the Creator and all the rest are worshippers (slaves). By worshipping anything other than Allah, man becomes enslaved to Satan, who is himself a creature and becomes harnessed to his own bias qualities.

Prophet Idris was one of the prophets.

When Prophet Idris alaihessalam got heartbroken like all other prophets, due to non believers’ immoral activities, he left them and disappeared for almost twenty years. There was no rain for very long time. Allah punished them with drought.

When animals and people died of hunger and the life became miserable, the people asked for forgiveness.  Allah being most merciful, sent back Idris to his people

Prophet Idris then begged Allah to forgive and to bring an end to drought. Allah granted his demand and the drought ended. There were heavy rains again. The land became alive and fertile once more.

The Learned Prophet

Prophet Idris alaihessalam was given wisdom in various fields of knowledge and the ability to create things that can make the human’s life easier For example, alphabets and writing, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and etc. He was the first man who learnt to write with pen. He was the first man to show people how to measure weights and balance.  He taught them about the movements of planets.

He was the first man to make weapons for hunting and defense. He also taught people to stitch clothes with needle and thread.

Consequently he brought about a remarkable change in the moral and social life of the people.

Some sayings of Hazrat Idris

  1. Do not feel jealous of the prosperity of others for what they have, as they will only enjoy it for a short while.
  2. He who has unlimited desires, is deprived of the wealth of contentment.
  3. One should be sincere in acts of devotion
  4. It is an act of serious sin to take false oaths.
  5. Patience is a key to victory
  6. He who controls his passions is fortunate. Only a good act will be a living petition before Allah on the Day of Judgment
  7. One who is desirous of attaining perfection in knowledge should have no concern with immoral acts.
  8. Happy is he who looks at his own deeds and appoints them as pleaders to his Allah
  9. None can show better gratitude for Allah’s favors than he who shares them with others.
  10. He who indulges in excess will not benefit from it.
  11. The real joy of life is to have wisdom

10156069_10152268714132723_3397748358340261575_n3-rice-field-rebuilt_51403_600x450article-1311098-0B21CDE7000005DC-482_634x422mosqueTsunami Aceh11imagesmosque-en-asie

Mosques survived tsunami of DEC 2004 (Indonesia)


“Human love is given to illuminate by its sincerity the heart of another, there is no greater power to inspire than the power of love… Love is given to inspire divine love in the heart of man, and all the beauty that man sees on earth is beauty created by the power of love, and by the power of love he learns to recognize it as a reflection of the beauty of heaven. Thus may earth become heaven, and heaven and earth one single vision of the glory of God.”

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