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As lovely moments coming, troubles will perish
As we both reunite the detachment will perish;
The chain of constant flowing tears also will break
Our heartiness from this weird bond also will break;
But entire sagas are only for comforting own heart,
In nights of grief die, little by little of an aching heart,
Smiling, moaning, weeping, curbing and singing;
Dream of peace is calming and will remain as such
On a static arena, the lover will narrate the love story
Slowly the entire life will stream down through eyes;
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
ham dono.n mil jaaye.nge aur sab duurii miT jaayegii
har dam bahane vaalii aa.Nkho.n kii maalaa bhii TuuTegii
teri merii hastii is bairii ba.ndhan se chhuTegii
lekin ye sab baate.n hai.n apane jii ke bahalaane kii
dukh kii raat me.n dhiire dhiire dil kaa dard miTaane kii
rote rote ha.Nsate ha.Nsate rukate rukate gaane kii
sukh kaa sapanaa suukhaa hai aur suukhaa hii rah jaayegaa
suunii sej pe prem kahaanii premii yuu.N kah jaayegaa
hote hote saaraa jiivan aa.Nkho.n se bah jaayegaa


Traveler roams far n wide, forgot way back,

What is thine, what’s mine, forgot disparity;

What were the days, the nights, what aim?

Heart’s a naive, forgot dreams of first love;

Engrossed in memoirs wounded badly,

Relief is grief, grief’s relief, forgot this gist;

A glance, a jiffy is span between breaths,

Missing of breath is beat’s over and done;

Senseless, unwise, and cheery by life,

Wrangle with waves, forgot oceanic depth;

Realizing that own story is normal saga,

Spent life in harmony; forgot to regret;

Whoever is there has complain and whine,

We remember everything, time forgot us;

Who said it? If asked, speak up your mind,

Meera ji repented, forgetting what he said!


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