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Come like the first star of the evening

Come in heart like glory in the evening

When the  moon sets in morning, you rise

With sunsets, come as twilight in the evening

Like all old sweet memories of love affairs

Glowing like a spark come in the evening


When the disaster invade our adversity

The second time; a team from faraway land

 Came to our refugee camp to help us

 They were disheartened to see our despair

They bought rice from the local market

They bought quality rice at max cost

Gave us without any media coverage

The security guards provide to them

Were watching casually their kind deed

When those angels in disguise left us

The guards violently grabbed the rice bags

But no media coverage, no news published!

Later arrived the aristocrats of our country

They had hunger eradicator sweets for us

The squad asked to chant slogan in their favor

When our throat became dry and parched

They distributed candies to us on behalf of BB

The DSN vans were brought for 25000 each

To pay for photos session, slogan and candies

Media and press were happy for their share

We looked energetic and blissful in photos

Millions of mega pixels showed us grateful

Stone hard candies remained solid in mouth

Until last click and closing of the last camera

While old friendship ended on a petty matter
But it disclosed some people’s character
Should I call it my repute or disrepute?
My love affairs reached there before me
For she’s even closer than my heart to me
But in foggy tears, she couldn’t identify me
Weirdness shadowed my fate in such a way
Wherever I went, misfortune followed me

Fragrance of sweet memories safe in mind

As  I  often enhance memories’ odor with me

What a weird tale, I was dearly loved at night
But was considered wrongdoer with the sunrise
Khatir Ghaznavi
go zara si baat per bersoN ke yaarane ga’ay
laikin itna to huwa, kuch log pehchane ga’ay

maiN ise shuhrat kahooN ya apni ruswaii kahooN
mujh se pehle us gali meN, mere afsaane ga’ay

yuN to woh meri rag-e-jaaN se bhi the nazdeek tar
aaNso’oN ki dhhund meN, laikin na pehchane ga’ay

wehshateN kuch is tarah apna muqadar ho gaieeN
hum jahaaN puhNche, humare saath weerane ga’ay

ab bhi un yaadoN ki khushboo zehn meN mehfooz hai
baarha hum jin se، gulzaaroN ko mehkane ga’ay

kya qayamat hai keh khaatir! kushta-e-shab bhi the hum
subh bhi aaii to mujrim hum hi gerdaane ga’ay

Khatir Ghaznavi


When I was flooded with your memory

I adorned my lashes with stars of tears


Rain fall and fast wind was there since evening

Lightning and thunder  there too since evening

I walked to find happiness in dark gloomy clouds

Heart turned unhappy, was gloomy since evening

The moon and stars hid somewhere in the clouds

Indications were obvious, ambiance since evening

The day remained also in search of single season

In autumn sunset fast wind blew since evening

Spent entire life span yet never got any incentive

Whatever got was a punishment since evening

Rain fall and fast wind was there
Since evening
Lightning and thunder was there
Too since evening
Anwer Zahidi

بارش تھی اور تیز ہوا شام سے ہی تھی
بجلی کی چمک ایک صدا شام سے ہی تھی

کالی گھٹا میں ڈھونڈنے نکلا تھا میں خوشی
دل ہو گیا اُداس گھٹا شام سے ہی تھی

ماہ و نجوم بادلوں میں چھُپ گئے کہیں
آثار تھے نمایاں فضا شام سے ہی تھی

دن بھی رہا تلاش میں سورج کی ایک فصل
شام خزاں میں تیز ہوا شام سے تھی

عمریں گزار دیں نہ جزا کوئی مل سکی
جو کچھ ملا وہ ایک سزا شام سے ہی تھی

انور زاہدی



APP53-13 LAHORE: September 13 - Labourers busy in knitting the traditional iron bed (Charpai) for the customers on the banks of canal. APP photo by Mustafa Lashari

LAHORE: September 13 – Labourers busy in knitting the traditional iron bed (Charpai) for the customers on the banks of canal. APP photo by Mustafa Lashari

b9e1c88a8d670e0cf94821a374dd1170palang palang 2 Biggest_Charpai,D.G.Khan charpai hotel sawat pakistan char-pai

Charpai literally means four legs—- char means four and pai means legs.
It’s a simple framed structure held together by the four vertical wooden parts and four horizontal parts by a simple ten on- mort ice joint.

It is a traditional wooden bed; consisting of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. It is commonly used in the  subcontinent. In Punjabi and Saraiki languages, it is called a Manjaa or Manji and in Sindhi and Saraiki it is called a KhattKhatt

It is an object that is economical, friendly, simple and easy to carry and very suitable in a tropical country like Pakistan.

The gap that’s formed of this frame work is filled with the weave. The weave is mostly of coir & is easily available in Pakistani local market. But now-a-days metal and plastic versions are also accessible.
There are people specialized in this job. They buy the frame components and the rope from the market, come to your home with their own kit of tools required for the job and assemble it. The weave holds the frame together. Charpai is a culture in itself
Most of my memories of charpai are from the villages I have lived with my husband being in armed forces.  He was transferred to different places from urban to rural areas so en enjoyed all seasons, places and beautiful colors of life of my homeland.

The earliest memory goes back to my childhood days.  We had many charpoys in our home. When the charpai is new, the weave is tight. Because of its tightness we loved to jump over it like a trampoline and whenever our feet got stuck in the weave, it bruised, since the coir was new and rough hence we moaned.  If it gets loosened it is easy to tighten it again. it is good for health too as air passes through the holes and sweat doesn’t damages our skin

In summers especially charpoys were set in courtyard for each family member to enjoy fresh cool air at night. I loved to lay on it and count the stars. It was so peaceful, just lying down on it to feel the cool breeze passing and caressing the back under the charpai without any bed sheet spread on it.
Now, it’s moving from the villages to the urban areas. These can be seen at various theme restaurants.  Some people like to bring in the basics from their roots into the new lifestyle. When elite class uses anything it becomes fashion and its cost goes high too. So it’s gaining popularity and position in modern era also.

This piece of furniture inspired the London based designer couple Doshi and Levien to design a range of contemporary charpoys.

Photos will show how charpoys are used at different places


Feel like running breaking the shackles

I wish someone calls me heartily today

Pak 4 pakistan1 Pak 8 Pak 10 Pak2 Pak 11 Pak5 Pak3 Pak6 Pak7 Pak9

53f3460960854-1-640x38 4Karachi PortKarachi Port

53f3456c6c37d-1-640x384Empress Market. Empress Market7478003764_fb472b3690_b-640x427Bahadurabad Chowrangi Bahadurabad ChowrangiClifton Flyover Clifton Flyover8654750317_28cbe408d7_b-1-640x408Karachi, the city of sky scrapers Karachi, the city of sky scrapersEmpress_Market_at_Sunset-640x475 Empress Market, Saddar. Empress Market, SaddarIt’s the KPT Fountain, third tallest in the world. It’s the KPT Fountain, third tallest in the worldKPT-Interchange-Karachi-640x420KPT interchange KPT interchange.tumblr_nq08jjPTIL1s4ixmuo3_1280-640x427This is a beautiful view of sunset at a beach in Karachi. a beautiful view of sunset at a beach in Karachi10497725583_13a937e637_b-640x387Port Grand.Port GrandMohatta-Palace-v13-640x427beautiful Mohatta Palacethe beautiful Mohatta PalaceFTC Flyover.a view from FTC Flyovertumblr_m7dgicHwjH1rb5xfzo1_1280-640x426Jehangir Kothari at CliftonJehangir Kothari at CliftonOyster Rocks CliftonOyster Rocks Cliftonkkkkkkkkkkkk78388665_201331116658-640x426Bin Qasim Park near Clifton Beach.Bin Qasim Park near Clifton Beach

As I wrote thy name on wind,
Clouds swarming in eyes
Then shower of downpour   
hawa pe naam jo likha tera tu aankhon mei
umand kay agaya badal, baras gai berkha

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