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Evening of my gloominess is very light

Someone’s remembrance is my delight

It’s wrong I’m apart from the garden

As flowers are yours and fog my plight

Drops on my lashes are not fresh tears

My eyes have always been wet through   

My wish to see every face in high spirits

Never conical; it’s my wish all through

Shared my murky life rarely with myself

Don’t unveil my murky life with myself

Habib Jalib Poetry

Bahut roshan hai shaam-e-ghum humari,
kisi ki yaad hai humdum humari.

Ghalat hai laa-taaluq hain chaman se,
tumhare phool aur shabnam humari.

Ye palkon par naye aansoo nahin hain,
azal se aankh hai purnam humari.

Har ek lab per tabassum dekhne ki,
tamamnna kab hui hai kam humari.

kahi hai hum ne khud se bhi bahut kam,
na poochho daastan-e-ghum humari. !!



This beautiful twilight, waterfalls and soft evening
Why not get delight from this harmonious setting
Whose tip toe and softly stepping to the other side?
Shall I not avail the chance to embrace and hug?

Yeh shafaq ki laali, yeh jharnay yeh sham kay saai
Mei, in aasooda fizaaon mei zara jhoom na loon
Wo dabay paoon udher kaun chali jati hay
Berh kay uss shokh kay turshay huway lub choom na loon
Sahir Ludhyanvi


Come like the first star of the evening

Come in heart like glory in the evening

When the  moon sets in morning, you rise

With sunsets, come as twilight in the evening

Like all old sweet memories of love affairs

Glowing like a spark come in the evening


If hope of morning lessens at any instant

Life, scared embraces dreams of evening

With evening, the ache for you deepens

Darkness of the gloomy night extends everywhere

If heart’s ice doesn’t soften,

Then life’s river will condense,

Like a stream with little water

Which promptings have settled in the hearts?

That even today wakes me up suddenly at night

One step staggering off course

Can transform the speed of history

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