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This beautiful twilight, waterfalls and soft evening
Why not get delight from this harmonious setting
Whose tip toe and softly stepping to the other side?
Shall I not avail the chance to embrace and hug?

Yeh shafaq ki laali, yeh jharnay yeh sham kay saai
Mei, in aasooda fizaaon mei zara jhoom na loon
Wo dabay paoon udher kaun chali jati hay
Berh kay uss shokh kay turshay huway lub choom na loon
Sahir Ludhyanvi


When love blossoms, today or later on

Not known when will it shows into bud

But whenever it blooms it will blossom

 Buds will rip open on dried up branches

In forest, desert, meadow, and prairies

  Gale be a sweetly enchanting ambiance

I breathe in you, I’m divine and I’m love, 

I’ll chant a song of new life, a song of love

I’m all on, I’m morning glory, and I’d love

I’m in the twilight; I’m shining up evening star

I’m in shiny moonlight; I’m in every blossom

Listen to thy heart; does it say it’s me, love

I breathe in you, I am love——


Come like the first star of the evening

Come in heart like glory in the evening

When the  moon sets in morning, you rise

With sunsets, come as twilight in the evening

Like all old sweet memories of love affairs

Glowing like a spark come in the evening


I came to know Shafaq not long that a year or more. Every passing day unfolded her characteristics of her beautiful virtuous personality. She is as beautiful as her name that means twilight—- like twilight spread the color all around making the ambience picturesque so is Shafaq— kind, thoughtful, caring and always ready to help anyone regardless of any complex. She is lady of substance and I’m sure people like her are illuminating this world with their honesty, graciousness and god-fearing nature.

We are proud of her being there and an example for others to follow her foot steps

May she be blessed by almighty with every step she takes and with every breath amen

I wanted to share her qualities with friends.

My maiden name is Shafaq Alam. Completed Montessori when I was just 4 and was too good at math to have had learnt division sums there. I got admission in Mama Parsi School a year earlier than required age.  Passed out in 1988. Did Intermediate from St. Joseph & then did B.Sc in Microbiology.

I got married at an early age. I did not opt for Medicine in protest that I was not permitted to do pre engineering. After marriage did Masters in Microbiology in the evening session of Karachi University & an IT diploma. Due to masters degree in Microbiology I did a course of one year of Sonology and instead of getting a Certificate of a Sonographer I got it of a Sonologist. A Sonologist is a complete Doctor of Ultrasound. Did practice for a while but had to leave in 2005 as there were elderly members of family at home who started getting below par. So Allah made me what I myself did not pursue in protest to my parents. After that there was no looking back. 5 people expired of whom I took care with the help of paramedics at home. There started the Social work. I spent long hours in the hospital where I saw how humanity is suffering in this area which is not catered to till today.

I designed high end bridal dresses to take care of charity needs. My husband had a paralysis attack in 2013 & since then I am taking care of him. Though he is mobile, but for many days gets bed ridden. He has hyperthermia, diabetes & renal failure too. So I took up half of his work that I could manage with mine, since he is not permitted to travel. So I take care of his agricultural based lands in Khush ab & Sargodha & deal with real estate in Islamabad. Now in a process of setting up a new business setup of my own shortly in Islamabad dealing with the Punjab market only. I have 2 children; daughter is profound dyslexic so I have to take care that.  She becomes what dyslexics are destined to do….wonder. My son is younger & he’s my right hand in all my chores & patient care at home at the moment. I do social work in a way that I provide for tests, scans, medication & release of dead bodies from the hospital. It is a Christian hospital so I help out the staff as well. I hire those in need. As I am in constant need of paramedics myself. I do it singlehandedly. Yes Zakat & other donations go to Civil hospital where my Family GP is the HOD of Medicine of I CU. So I give him cash to spend where he thinks best. In the other hospital too there is the same GP & does inform me where help is needed by any patient. Plus some amount stays with a nurse In charge of the ICU. This is how my work goes. I’m also the Head of the family to take care of everything in my in laws after the elders passed away & now my own family too after my mother & granny. This is how my life goes



One day at dawn break Titu was going in search of water with his parents and family friends. Titu’s mother kept an eagle’s eye on him, since he was a playful baby. But Titu always tried to escape from his mother’s stern look. He saw his mother tête-à-tête something with his dad, Titu cleverly moved away. After a while his mother looked around for Titu and found him hiding behind thick bushes pounding stones. She grunted and thumped him with her tusks.

Titu got pleasure with his mother’s protective concern and affection. He cuddled in his mom’s tender trunk.

     The site where they went the last time had insufficient water to quench thirst and meet the need of water for all. So Titus’s father directed to proceed towards the northern part of the valley to look for water. So they started towards north.  They kept moving forward till midday and stopped near a lagoon to beat the heat and rest. All the elephants showered and decided to stay a while before going any further. His mother was taking a nap too so Titu took the chance and moved away quietly.   

He enjoyed wandering alone as a cloud. Titu stepped in the lagoon. He played and splashed water with his trunk. The twittering and hopping of birds and croaking of frogs were an enjoyment for Titu.

After some time he got bored, so he got out of the lagoon and followed wild rabbits, squirrels and lizards.

The twilight swiftly wrapping the whole scenario in darkness worried Titu. He didn’t know that he had come very far from the place where they stopped for rest near the lagoon. Titu got scared. He looked around for his mother.

He bawled for his mom desperately. Mama —–moa —-o mama but there was no mama to be seen anywhere around.

Titu longed for his mother’s warm thumps. He missed his mother’s intimacy. He wailed but in vain.

Grief-stricken Titu tried to think of the next move when all of a sudden he heard a loud hissing roar and tremors under his feet. He was stunned to see a long black anaconda with broad stripes winding in the woods. He got scared to death. His had heard that anacondas can gulp down baby elephants as a morsel! The sounds started to get closer, threatening Titu like hell. As it grew closer Titu saw a huge black fast moving monster. It whistled and smoked too. Titu closed his eyes with full belief that he will be swallowed in a while. The noise lessened. Titu slowly opened his eyes to find himself in the anaconda’s stomach. But to his surprise he was standing at the same spot. He opened his eyes in relief and looked down to see his feet but shuddered with fear again for the anaconda lay still in front of him. He could never think of anything but to run. He wildly ran towards the forest to hide him before the anaconda awoke and swallowed him. While running he heard a familiar voice from the distance. He stopped to look back. He could easily recognize her voice among thousands.

Aunt Fox was calling him. Aunt Fox used to visit Titus’s family once a fortnight or so. Aunt Fox was a friend of all animals. She went to every nook and corner and shared the rumors and news with all. The animals enjoyed her wittiness and information and waited anxiously for her visits. The baby animals especially waited for aunt fox to hear her stories about foreign animals and lands.

When she saw Titu running madly she called and asked him the reason for running and also inquired about his family. Her voice seemed soothing like rain in a desert. Titu shed tears and something choked in his throat so he could not utter a sound. He wanted to hide in aunt fox’s bosom but she yelled and asked him to keep away as he was so huge. His embrace could crush aunt fox’s ribs. Though he was a baby, he was still an elephant and it was difficult to take him in lap or embrace him.

She knew Titu was a naughty and carefree child of her friend Pomi the elephant. Titu only wept but failed to tell her the story of his thrilling run away.


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