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she’s even closer than my heart to me

Posted on: July 30, 2015

While old friendship ended on a petty matter
But it disclosed some people’s character
Should I call it my repute or disrepute?
My love affairs reached there before me
For she’s even closer than my heart to me
But in foggy tears, she couldn’t identify me
Weirdness shadowed my fate in such a way
Wherever I went, misfortune followed me

Fragrance of sweet memories safe in mind

As  I  often enhance memories’ odor with me

What a weird tale, I was dearly loved at night
But was considered wrongdoer with the sunrise
Khatir Ghaznavi
go zara si baat per bersoN ke yaarane ga’ay
laikin itna to huwa, kuch log pehchane ga’ay

maiN ise shuhrat kahooN ya apni ruswaii kahooN
mujh se pehle us gali meN, mere afsaane ga’ay

yuN to woh meri rag-e-jaaN se bhi the nazdeek tar
aaNso’oN ki dhhund meN, laikin na pehchane ga’ay

wehshateN kuch is tarah apna muqadar ho gaieeN
hum jahaaN puhNche, humare saath weerane ga’ay

ab bhi un yaadoN ki khushboo zehn meN mehfooz hai
baarha hum jin se، gulzaaroN ko mehkane ga’ay

kya qayamat hai keh khaatir! kushta-e-shab bhi the hum
subh bhi aaii to mujrim hum hi gerdaane ga’ay

Khatir Ghaznavi

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i’m humbly honored and enriched with your kind comments

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Great Poem, as always 🙂

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thank you 🙂 poems hit heart strings directly 🙂

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[…] she’s even closer than my heart to me […]

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