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Few Astonishing Photos Of Karachi

Posted on: July 15, 2015

53f3460960854-1-640x38 4Karachi PortKarachi Port

53f3456c6c37d-1-640x384Empress Market. Empress Market7478003764_fb472b3690_b-640x427Bahadurabad Chowrangi Bahadurabad ChowrangiClifton Flyover Clifton Flyover8654750317_28cbe408d7_b-1-640x408Karachi, the city of sky scrapers Karachi, the city of sky scrapersEmpress_Market_at_Sunset-640x475 Empress Market, Saddar. Empress Market, SaddarIt’s the KPT Fountain, third tallest in the world. It’s the KPT Fountain, third tallest in the worldKPT-Interchange-Karachi-640x420KPT interchange KPT interchange.tumblr_nq08jjPTIL1s4ixmuo3_1280-640x427This is a beautiful view of sunset at a beach in Karachi. a beautiful view of sunset at a beach in Karachi10497725583_13a937e637_b-640x387Port Grand.Port GrandMohatta-Palace-v13-640x427beautiful Mohatta Palacethe beautiful Mohatta PalaceFTC Flyover.a view from FTC Flyovertumblr_m7dgicHwjH1rb5xfzo1_1280-640x426Jehangir Kothari at CliftonJehangir Kothari at CliftonOyster Rocks CliftonOyster Rocks Cliftonkkkkkkkkkkkk78388665_201331116658-640x426Bin Qasim Park near Clifton Beach.Bin Qasim Park near Clifton Beach


17 Responses to "Few Astonishing Photos Of Karachi"

What an amazing city.

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A very beautiful city

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I can see shades of Bombay’s Crawford Market in Empress Market – must be the common, old British influence!
Eid Mubarak to you & yours!

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thank you dear one, yes its old Crawford Empress Market British time

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Thank you so much…these are amazing and I know I will never be there in person…this is the next best thing! Truly beautiful.. 🙂 Blessings be yours.

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I will never be there in person…this is the next best thing! ——why did you say this:)

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…ah thank you for drawing my attention to that negative statement…and you are so right, my friend, you can never dismiss anything. I have never had the financial means to travel, even just across the North Sea to Europe let alone to exotic places like Karachi!! But you are correct, never assume that it will never happen…and yes, I do have some dreams and places I would like to visit!
Your pictures were very lovely, and once again thank you for them. Could I ask you what might seem to be a silly question…is your first name Tanveer…or Rauf? I am guessing it might be Tanveer…just not familiar with these names…and even they sound so exotic to my western ears!
Have a positive and fruitful week end, my friend! 🙂 x

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my dear friend I wish every dream of yours come true and you enjoy every moment of life amen
you are right my name is tanveer, rauf was my late husband’s name but i like it and like to be called mrs.rauf 🙂 i loved him very much. Do come to karachi sometime and if im alive till then my home my heart my arms will welcome you warmly ❤

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Oh my dear Tanveer…what a wonderful, beautiful post and such a welcoming invitation to come to Karachi, and stay. My heart is filled with joy at your graciousness…and l feel that you deeply loved your husband…God bless his soul…I hope you have some close family around you as you journey on through this Life. Take good care, big hug and love and blessings to you, Krystyna. 🙂 xx

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Your kind words are asset for me 🙂 hugs good night dear

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[…] Few Astonishing Photos Of Karachi […]

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These are some delightful photos Tanveer. Is this where you live?

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yeah Shimoz this is where I live 🙂


This post is full of gorgeous photographs! I enjoyed the night skies with buildings lit up brilliantly. 🙂

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