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Let’s fall in love once again!

Let’s fall again in love once again

Where you left me in winter last time

Let’s go to the same place again

Holding hands let’s recall promises we made

Let’s feel the essence of love again

Let’s fall in love once again

You loved fragrance; I have brought

All scented blossom of spring for you

You loved rain: I have clouds with rainfall

You loved to chant feelings in starry night

I have brought stars from the galaxy to hear you

Let’s feel the essence of love once again

May be you come back to me as the seasons

The spring swabs the blemishes of autumn

That’s the normal hush-hush of life

A new sun rises with hopes and expectations

Let’s feel the essence of love once again

Let’s fall in love once again——-


The air was dull; with ambiance I didn’t share
Wind was dusty; with ambiance I didn’t share
Expected rainfall too willingly to pour down
Thus waited all life but didn’t bother to share
Hundreds of dreams were in eyes of alluring glory
Felt cool gentle wind on the way, but didn’t share
They   kept beautifying only the outside setting
The calamity that troubled home was not shared
The tragic instant passed as if without Almighty
Tolerated gloom but didn’t share with Almighty
In nights I shared what not with thou O’ moon
During the day I didn’t unveil anything O’ moon 


Rain fall and fast wind was there since evening

Lightning and thunder  there too since evening

I walked to find happiness in dark gloomy clouds

Heart turned unhappy, was gloomy since evening

The moon and stars hid somewhere in the clouds

Indications were obvious, ambiance since evening

The day remained also in search of single season

In autumn sunset fast wind blew since evening

Spent entire life span yet never got any incentive

Whatever got was a punishment since evening

Rain fall and fast wind was there
Since evening
Lightning and thunder was there
Too since evening
Anwer Zahidi

بارش تھی اور تیز ہوا شام سے ہی تھی
بجلی کی چمک ایک صدا شام سے ہی تھی

کالی گھٹا میں ڈھونڈنے نکلا تھا میں خوشی
دل ہو گیا اُداس گھٹا شام سے ہی تھی

ماہ و نجوم بادلوں میں چھُپ گئے کہیں
آثار تھے نمایاں فضا شام سے ہی تھی

دن بھی رہا تلاش میں سورج کی ایک فصل
شام خزاں میں تیز ہوا شام سے تھی

عمریں گزار دیں نہ جزا کوئی مل سکی
جو کچھ ملا وہ ایک سزا شام سے ہی تھی

انور زاہدی



 My sleep is disturbed; why would you fret?

Wind knocked the doors; you’ve not to fret,

You sail with gentle windy waves and enjoy,

My stimulus cast off; so why would you fret?

Cling to and guide others; you’ve not to fret;

If forget my own home, why would you fret?

How does rainfall decide where to shower?

No pearl shaped in oyster, why would you fret?

Rival may get me as booty; why you fret?

When you have given in, why would you fret?

You fixed the tents in desert when got tired,

If one travels all alone; why would you fret?



Let’s peel off all the layers of clouds and see,

Some hidden pockets must be in their garbs;

Seek out their pockets and find, where

Have they concealed the rain drops?

Where the hails stones hiding?

Where’s the pitter patter of rainfall?

Children chuckle when hear the rattle;

The belt may be having a lash hidden,

Balloons of air must be copiously ready to blow,

Don’t you know how magical these clouds are?


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