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Rain fall and fast wind was there since evening

Lightning and thunder  there too since evening

I walked to find happiness in dark gloomy clouds

Heart turned unhappy, was gloomy since evening

The moon and stars hid somewhere in the clouds

Indications were obvious, ambiance since evening

The day remained also in search of single season

In autumn sunset fast wind blew since evening

Spent entire life span yet never got any incentive

Whatever got was a punishment since evening

Rain fall and fast wind was there
Since evening
Lightning and thunder was there
Too since evening
Anwer Zahidi

بارش تھی اور تیز ہوا شام سے ہی تھی
بجلی کی چمک ایک صدا شام سے ہی تھی

کالی گھٹا میں ڈھونڈنے نکلا تھا میں خوشی
دل ہو گیا اُداس گھٹا شام سے ہی تھی

ماہ و نجوم بادلوں میں چھُپ گئے کہیں
آثار تھے نمایاں فضا شام سے ہی تھی

دن بھی رہا تلاش میں سورج کی ایک فصل
شام خزاں میں تیز ہوا شام سے تھی

عمریں گزار دیں نہ جزا کوئی مل سکی
جو کچھ ملا وہ ایک سزا شام سے ہی تھی

انور زاہدی



Life a hazard, I dance

Relief or grief, I dance

Evening, wine, breeze, budding flora

Engrossed in ecstasy, I dance

Gloom, sorrow, sighs, problems

Life miserable, I dance

Moment of reunion, longing desire

Wandering off track, I dance

Ignorance, helplessness, cruelty

Happiness or gloominess, I dance

Seconds to moments, moments to days

Months turn into years, I dance



O’ Allah the Creator,it’s our appeal

Endorse our every aspiration

Bless us, here and hereafter

Prevent us from the fire of hell

May imprisoned be released

May those in debt be relieved

Bless those who have no offspring

Give those healths that are ailing

Keep us away from evils of the world

Lead us to path of peace and accord

Nourish with foodstuff that makes us upright

Shower us with wealth of love for Prophet

Give us no grief except the grief of Hussain

May every heart adore family of Prophet

Day and night may every heart pray for

Knowledge, awareness and happiness

Composed by Hussain Sehar

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf

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