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Rain fall and fast wind was there since evening

Lightning and thunder  there too since evening

I walked to find happiness in dark gloomy clouds

Heart turned unhappy, was gloomy since evening

The moon and stars hid somewhere in the clouds

Indications were obvious, ambiance since evening

The day remained also in search of single season

In autumn sunset fast wind blew since evening

Spent entire life span yet never got any incentive

Whatever got was a punishment since evening

Rain fall and fast wind was there
Since evening
Lightning and thunder was there
Too since evening
Anwer Zahidi

بارش تھی اور تیز ہوا شام سے ہی تھی
بجلی کی چمک ایک صدا شام سے ہی تھی

کالی گھٹا میں ڈھونڈنے نکلا تھا میں خوشی
دل ہو گیا اُداس گھٹا شام سے ہی تھی

ماہ و نجوم بادلوں میں چھُپ گئے کہیں
آثار تھے نمایاں فضا شام سے ہی تھی

دن بھی رہا تلاش میں سورج کی ایک فصل
شام خزاں میں تیز ہوا شام سے تھی

عمریں گزار دیں نہ جزا کوئی مل سکی
جو کچھ ملا وہ ایک سزا شام سے ہی تھی

انور زاہدی


Like a view from a passing van’s pane

He met me, but like a running mass!

I’m a drifter like the wind on roadways

He waits too, but silent like a pine tree

Don’t see the buzz of the bazaar with my eyes

Township will look bleak like a house

The same sense of agony as of   in prison

Come home daily as coming to office

Term returned to print grief on leaves

Sunlight is piercing eyes like a dagger;

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

                                                                   Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Allah caresses me like gentle wind

He is linked with devoted heart beat

Shine like rays everyday on my door

I see Him like luminous atmosphere

In cold season in my soul’s solitude

He stays with me, clings like shawls

If ever lost in wilderness of desert

Guides me akin to sounds of forest

If scared of ghastly dreams of space

He sings lullaby with wishes by night

He’s to me like sheltered banyan tree

He understands me just like a mother

Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


This spring is lost in some gloom

The colors, foliage and flowers  

What are these pinpointing to?

Singing glum on air’s rhythm 

The dreamy moments that lost

Drained; slept inside the eyes 

 Fragrance of those dreamy moments

 I’ve seen their dew on every flower 

Few moments of spirit’s harmony

Incredible few cherished moments 

Smiling joyfully in my imagination

I am sure the season of Spring

Was never so beautiful ever


Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf














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