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When the disaster invade our adversity

The second time; a team from faraway land

 Came to our refugee camp to help us

 They were disheartened to see our despair

They bought rice from the local market

They bought quality rice at max cost

Gave us without any media coverage

The security guards provide to them

Were watching casually their kind deed

When those angels in disguise left us

The guards violently grabbed the rice bags

But no media coverage, no news published!

Later arrived the aristocrats of our country

They had hunger eradicator sweets for us

The squad asked to chant slogan in their favor

When our throat became dry and parched

They distributed candies to us on behalf of BB

The DSN vans were brought for 25000 each

To pay for photos session, slogan and candies

Media and press were happy for their share

We looked energetic and blissful in photos

Millions of mega pixels showed us grateful

Stone hard candies remained solid in mouth

Until last click and closing of the last camera


Sooner the birds start tweeting,

Farmer comes out of his dwelling;

Humming, he walks on, cheerfully

Singing and walking over the ridges,

Overlooking, weariness and idleness

Clutching the rigging of the bullocks

Carries the yoke on his shoulders;

Not negligent for a jiffy, of his labor,

Never felt ashamed of uphill struggle

Cultivates, grows grain from the mud

Pulses, maize, wheat, rice and barley

The farmer grows all these in the fields;

Never look down upon him, children!

He is valuable, vigilant man of dignity

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