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The spirit is restive everywhere around

Heart doesn’t agree to anything around

Man feels more alone some in a crowd

When there’s much hustle bustle around

My fortunate star keeps wavering around

  Must be shining somewhere else abound

The secret I had kept veiled until now

Is now open and gossiped in town now



dil kahīñ bhī nahīñ lagtā hogā

dil nahīñ māntā aisā hogā

jitnā hañgāma ziyāda hogā

aadmī utnā hī tanhā hogā

chaltā-phirtā hai sitāra merā

ab kahīñ aur chamaktā hogā

maiñ ne ik baat chhupā rakkhī hai

ab usī baat kā charchā hogā


Its long journey and no travel companion at all

Scorching sunlight and  not a shade of any tree;

If failed to burn my splendor up  or my spirit,

If not an eye’s tear, then not a  precious gem;

Why to  yearn for that house from now,

That house, where  no laudable lives now;

My  vanity, vision and  terseness is boundless,

I’m  down in the dumps but, no healer about;

My aspiration of flight is to fly to the skies,

But, I’m the bird that has no wings either;

How could I applaud the seas for transience,

When, no single wave or tide is after my name

my luggage

My luggage is laid in empty room,

Secretly hidden are some wishes;

Relics of dreams lay safely there,

Some flowers hidden unwillingly;

 Spirit kept searching for a friend—!

My pride strolled hither and thither;

But, scent of my soil didn’t ascend!

My pride dishonored in alien’s land;

A lamp of hope, lighted in eerie

 Eyes, in murky, gloomy nights;

The body thawed like mud in water

Discoloring colors, in monsoon rain;

The door’s kept open for you——-

My luggage is laid in empty room!

Composed by Shaista Farrukh Mufti

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf


How many aches should I keep with me?

Collect melancholy, bear catastrophes?

For, my pathways are all corkscrewed,

Thorns spreading all alongside the way;

My lips are lamenting sorrowfulness

My heart has heartbreaking pang,

And the spirit is deeply wounded 

It’s so much suffocating here,

That, I am short of breath ———;

The pollution here is so colossal

That, I can’t breathe, am fading;

I need fresh air badly to breathe,

 In this dense grimy environment

For, it is, but, by necessity ——!

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