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Love is again rebellious what to say,

The heart is at her target, what to say?

The pathway is the same, what to say,

The life is the marshal, what to say;

Love itself covered in veil, what to say,

I’ve my own cupid’s look, what to say;

Melancholy thou were fruitless for long,

Melody thou art futile too, what to say;

Love exists no longer, nor does, loveliness,

Daze and gaze is there only, what to say;

Majaz is still down to earth even today

Gaze’s high up at the sky, what to say

Urdu composition by Majaz Lukhnavi

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye

husn phir fitnaagaar hai kyaa kahiye 
dil kii jaanib nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

phir vahii rahaguzar hai kyaa kahiye 
zindagii raahabar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn Khud pardaadaar hai kyaa kahiye 
ye hamaarii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aah to be-asar thii baraso.n se 
naGmaa bhii be-asar hai kyaa kahiye 

husn hai ab na husn ke jalve 
ab nazar hii nazar hai kyaa kahiye 

aaj bhii hai 'Majaz' Khaak_nashii.n 
aur nazar arsh par hai kyaa kahiye


To escape of his charisma is not doable

O’ heart! Everyone says it’s not doable;

Though there’s no picky intimacy with him

 He simply appears lone mine, in multitude;

Due to the melancholy of his unawareness,

To me, today garden looks like wilderness;

Since when he has strong-willed not to see me

Eyes look like bloating river flowing, to me—–;

No one is aware of forte of that connection

My feelings streaming in beloved’s mind;

 May it not be chained in love, as a result?

Even in stranger’s bosom, he looks mine

Us k seher se ub na nikalta dikhai de

Ai dil!  ye baat her koi kehta dikhai de

Yun tu nai ha koi taaluq bhi us se khaas

Dunya ki bheer mei wohi apna dikhai de

Be ganai khayal e  gham e dost k sabab

Gulshan bhi aaj mujh ko tu sehra dikhai de

Jub se kiya ha us se na milne ka faisla

Aankhon mei mojazan mujhe derya dikhai de

Us unjuman mei baat ha kiya jaane her koi

Mauj e khyal yaar mei behta dikhai de

Ho jayei na daam giriftar e ishq yun

Pehlu mei gher k bhi wo apna dikhai de

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

How many aches should I keep with me?

Collect melancholy, bear catastrophes?

For, my pathways are all corkscrewed,

Thorns spreading all alongside the way;

My lips are lamenting sorrowfulness

My heart has heartbreaking pang,

And the spirit is deeply wounded 

It’s so much suffocating here,

That, I am short of breath ———;

The pollution here is so colossal

That, I can’t breathe, am fading;

I need fresh air badly to breathe,

 In this dense grimy environment

For, it is, but, by necessity ——!

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