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 The Fish—-1

Posted on: May 8, 2014


Hazrat Yunus (peace is on him) was one of the most pious and truthful messengers of Allah. 

He belonged to Bani Israel. His father’s name was Mati.

 He lived in Nainwa the famous city of Iraq.

He was blessed with Prophet hood by Almighty Allah when he was only 28 years old.

  Most   people were indulged in wrong doings.  They worshiped idols and fought on petty things. Stealing, telling lies and cheating were their routine.

He asked them to worship only Allah and to be kind and honest.

For a long period of time Hazrat Younus preached his people to follow his foot steps.

But they did not pay any attention to his messages.

The people of Nainwa kept disobeying him which broke his heart.

He was angry and deeply upset with their attitude. He cast a curse on his people that within 40 days misfortune will befall on them.

He then left the place. 

He saw a ship on the coast that was ready to sail. He got on board too.

The ship had not gone far from the coast when it started swaying. High-speed winds started blowing and rocking the ship. Fishermen feared of sinking of the ship.

According their belief the ship would sink if any slave who escaped from his master’s permission and was on board.

Hazrat Younus (peace is upon him) remembered that he did not ask permission from Allah to leave the place.

So he thought these are the signs of Allah’s annoyance. He is on trial.

He asked people on board to throw him in the ocean as he is theone who deserted his master.

He was known for his modesty. Every one respected him for this quality so they did not believe him to be the escapee.

How ever it was collectively decided for secret ballot. The name of Hazrat Younus appeared in balloting. So three times secret ballot was held and every time it was his name. Finally Hazrat Younus jumped in the ocean himself.

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