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Today I will share with you a true story———-

Allah created, beautified, and glorified this world with every possible thing like oceans, mountains, meadows, flora and fauna, rain, twilight, sun, stars, moon, moonlight animals, birds-you name and you have it—–for the human beings————for the US—

All these blessings are in Surah Rehman and many other verses of the Quran.

Allah is brilliance—- splendor—- and love

Allah loves peace

He sent us on this earth to be good, kind, and to make the world a beautiful and peaceful place to live and let live-—– to relish and cherish.

Allah gives and forgives. We have the same attributes as Almighty HE expects us also to give and forgive——–but it is Satan that misguides us, and the ones with weaker faith and will follow him. Thus, when we follow Satan, we get into trouble.

Don’t get upset!— I’m not giving you a lecture am just sharing the reason for our existence. To follow the right path and not to expect any reward for any act of kindness from anyone—- do well, forget and keep moving——-

The story I am going to share with you today is about our neighbors. The family consisted of a widow of an army officer, three sons, and two daughters. They shared the house with their brother and his family.

That army officer died in the line of duty, and hence the wife wanted compensation from the army.

The eldest mentally son is not stable. 

The other two were medical students. The sister stayed home helping her mother with household tasks.

The widow was uneducated but a contented and wise lady. She had no means or source of income. So she kept requesting the army to arrange something to raise her young children respectfully.

The army arranged for them a truck to start a business using it for goods transportation. Gradually it worked, and their financial position got better.

The lady then arranged the marriage of her eldest son, thinking it might make him feel more responsible.

All arrangements for the wedding. The guests were there. 

 Everything was just right. 

The groom was ready too. Happiness prevailed around. 

 At the time of nikah, the groom stood up from his seat and speedily went away. It was so sudden that nobody could understand

They looked around for him but, he disappeared —nobody knows where. It was so embarrassing for both parties.

The bride’s family was less privileged. They were in a more upsetting position. Then the younger brother studying medicine came forward and offered himself for the marriage. The bride chose as a mate for the older son based on his unstable mental condition. 

It was his sacrifice and a good deed to save his family and bride’s family from an awkward and embarrassing position. The girl (bride) would not have found another person to marry her as the groom ran away. People would have held responsible that there was something wrong with her. In addition, society would look down on her parents. It was almost a disaster situation for the bride and family.

The sacrifice of the groom was a reward by the Almighty.

 She was a beautiful, wise, and kind girl. 

Time passed——— Almighty Allah who knows everything blessed them with healthy and beautiful children.

The elder son fled from the wedding stage, came back home himself after a few months. 

 Nobody disturbed him by asking questions.

After forty years or more, they got my address somehow and visited me. It was a great pleasure to see them after so long. The brother who had run away is also taken care of by this brother. He is alive but not mentally stable yet.


Yesterday while reading the blogs of other bloggers a phrase seized my present and carried me to my past.

After graduating from school, I was inquisitive and excited to be in college. Feeling a like a free bird. We could bunk classes, we could enjoy more in college than school’s strict DOS and DONTS environment. We met and made new friends from different schools and different back grounds. I believe every human being is a world in him.  Hence I’m very curious to know about new people and their life.

There I met two sisters. They looked very different from other girls in their clothes and behavior.  They were very composed, shy, sort of introvert and hesitant to mix with other girls.  This ignited the desire in me to know about them so I extended my hand to be friends with them. Cautiously but positively they responded back.  With time we became closer and things started to unveil between us. Saeeda were four sisters. Their mother was a midwife in a small private clinic. Their father was drug addicted and was just a liability on them. He only yelled abused, slept, ate beat anyone of them who came in front. They lived a miserable life in meager salary of their mother in one rented room. They were unprivileged but self respected people. All this description is common in our poor class, so not very astonishing. What amazed me more was how they studied and reached college level? They had no electricity and no other facility. So one day I asked this sensitive question. They said that they study at night in moon light.  Being girls they couldn’t go outside their home to study under street lights. They couldn’t even afford to buy kerosene oil to light a lantern or buy candles. This made me respect them more. We became very good and close friends. Their mother allowed them to visit our home so often they visited. It was pleasure and pride for our family to serve them. I learnt patience and commitment from them. Years later I came to know they got scholarship on merit and Saeeda and her sister became doctors. Saeeda was then married to a banker.

Their honesty, endurance, hard work and dedication earned them every facility. Allah helps those who help themselves




Hazrat Yunus (peace is on him) was one of the most pious and truthful messengers of Allah. 

He belonged to Bani Israel. His father’s name was Mati.

 He lived in Nainwa the famous city of Iraq.

He was blessed with Prophet hood by Almighty Allah when he was only 28 years old.

  Most   people were indulged in wrong doings.  They worshiped idols and fought on petty things. Stealing, telling lies and cheating were their routine.

He asked them to worship only Allah and to be kind and honest.

For a long period of time Hazrat Younus preached his people to follow his foot steps.

But they did not pay any attention to his messages.

The people of Nainwa kept disobeying him which broke his heart.

He was angry and deeply upset with their attitude. He cast a curse on his people that within 40 days misfortune will befall on them.

He then left the place. 

He saw a ship on the coast that was ready to sail. He got on board too.

The ship had not gone far from the coast when it started swaying. High-speed winds started blowing and rocking the ship. Fishermen feared of sinking of the ship.

According their belief the ship would sink if any slave who escaped from his master’s permission and was on board.

Hazrat Younus (peace is upon him) remembered that he did not ask permission from Allah to leave the place.

So he thought these are the signs of Allah’s annoyance. He is on trial.

He asked people on board to throw him in the ocean as he is theone who deserted his master.

He was known for his modesty. Every one respected him for this quality so they did not believe him to be the escapee.

How ever it was collectively decided for secret ballot. The name of Hazrat Younus appeared in balloting. So three times secret ballot was held and every time it was his name. Finally Hazrat Younus jumped in the ocean himself.


The ants agreed with the Queen. After a short while they saw the clouds of dust in the air. Soon they got near and could be seen.

Hazrat Suleiman was seated on his grand throne.

The Queen Ant shouted: “beware! The convoy is here only. I command you all to get into your holes immediately. Though Hazrat Suleiman is not coming to harm us but how would he know that this valley is habitat of ants. Millions of you will be smashed under the weighty feet of animals and humans together.”

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) smiled to hear the Queen Ant and her concern about her kingdom.

Hazrat Suleiman appreciated saying: “A ruler must take care of life and property of his people like the Queen Ant”.

This is mentioned in Soorah Nimal.

During the reign of Hazrat Suleiman it did not rain for very long time. The crops withered and died. The rivers and lakes dried. No new crops could be grown or harvested due to scarcity of water. People starved because there was no food or water.

Condition of famine came up. The animals and all living thing got weaker. There was not a drop of water to satisfy the thirst and hunger. The danger of deaths on large scale was feared.

Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) was heading towards a vast land with his people to pray for rains. They gathered to pray collectively and request almighty Allah for rain.

All of a sudden Hazrat Suleiman (peace is upon him) stopped at a point. Seeing him the rest of his people stopped too. A few steps ahead of them were an ant.

What they saw was amazing. An ant was praying with its fore legs raised towards the sky and begging Allah for rain.

Afterall I found Hina’s picture. Its a true story. I was giving her prize for dancing on the song—brown girl in the ring


Hina Sabir was a charming, cheerful and stylish girl of 14 with pleasing manners. She was so caring and loving that every one small or big was attracted towards her.

Hina’s family returned from France and resided adjacent to our home. The family consisted of husband wife, their 2 daughters and one son. The wife was very pretty elegant and modest lady. What surprised me was the dark complexion and skinny structure of her daughter Hina.

My daughter and Hina became good friends very soon. They played together, but Hina used to get lethargic and weary in just no time.

When we became friendly and could share freely so I asked the reason of my query.

It was shocking and depressing to know that Hina was a blood cancer patient.  Being very well off the parents took Hina for treatment to France but the treatment of blood cancer was same as in Pakistan or any other country so they came back.

She bravely faced her illness without any complains. She studied; she played and enjoyed her life like all other children of her age. Hina was usually called brown girl all around in the vicinity after presenting a beautiful dance on the song; Brown girl in the ring – sha lala la———- in her school’s annual function. Her steps and movements were like a perfectionist dancer.

To see her dance was awe-inspiring. Hina was every one’s baby.

One other year of Hina’s medication and illness passed silently. Her condition was deteriorating speedily.

I went to attend conferences abroad for about a month or so. On my return I got heartbreaking news. My daughter told me in a dishearten tone with tears in her eyes that Hina is no more.   She also said that Hina’s death was not a usual one.

It was sacred and fasting month of Ramadan.  Few days before Eid Hina’s condition worsened so she was hospitalized. Unfortunately she couldn’t survive and passed away.

After completing hospital formalities her father, Mr.Sabir brought Hina’s body home.

Hina’s mother was so deeply disheartened that she couldn’t manage her self.  Every one present there   tried to calm down her but the grief was beyond her endurance. The environment was very depressing. Some ladies recited holy verses from Quran. Some passed comments on Hina’s illness or death.  Her mother caressed Hina’s hair and face weeping continuously.

All of a sudden Hina’s body stimulated with a shudder. It was something unbelievable to the people present there. The doctor was called immediately. After check up the doctor was surprised to see Hina was alive. It was startling for one and all.   The miracle had happened.

Hina called her mother and spoke in very feeble voice: “Don’t cry please! Invite all relatives on Eid day. I have to say something.”

Everything was done according to Hina’s wish.

The day came. Every one Hina asked came on time. Every one was anxious and restless to know what was to come next. Some came to hear what Hina had to say. Some came out of curiosity. Hina lay weak and frail on her bed. There was pin drop silence in the room. Every ear waited impatiently for Hina to speak.

Hina asked her mother to sit beside her. Taking mother’s hand in hers Hina said: “I had died. But I could hear my mother weep so resentfully that I begged almighty to grant me few days more to console my mother. Believe me two angels forcefully pulling my soul on my resistance. With all my strength I fell on my dead body.  My shoulders still ache of their strong grip. I couldn’t speak but could hear every word and comments by each one of you when I lay dead.  I have been granted just few days to live. I request you all specially my mother to please do not cry when I die again. I have to go.” Every one in the room was flabbergasted.

Every word Hina said came true. She passed away peacefully after a week.

I had pictures of Hina but I searched every where but failed to find any. I tried to contact her parents but failed too.

Though it sounds unbelievable but there are many people who are eyewitness to this true story.

This is a real and true story.




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