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Almighty Allah had given the power to understand the languages of all humans, animals, birds and insects to His honorable Prophet Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him).
Hazrat Suleman (peace is upon him) was on the way to some place with his huge flock of humans, animals, birds and jinns. Hazrat Suleman was a very dignified and prudent king. So there was discipline and control in his convoy. No one in the convoy dared to go against the set rules.
Crossing over the mountains, rivers and deserts they were going alongside the vast valley of Nimal.
There were millions of holes in the and in the grounds where the nimals (ants) lived.
There lived the Queen of ants too. The Queen Ant was a very responsible and caring Queen. All the ants loved their Queen for her best administration.
The ants were so loyal to their Queen that they were ready to give their life for her in case of need.
The Queen was on her daily round in the valley with her workforce to check if there was any problem. She sensed a strange sound on the ground coming from far off. She stopped to pay attention to the sound carefully.
The Queen said: “It seems as if some huge convoy is coming towards our valley. The sound depicts that huge animals are coming too. It’s Hazrat Suleman’s convoy.”


After killing the camel the scoundrels decided to murder Hazrat Sualeh too. Being the messenger of Allah, Hazrat Sualeh came to know before so he said: “I dreaded of this would happen. Now you wait for the disaster. You will be destroyed in 3 days time.”

So lightening and thunder ruined the Samoodians just in one night.  This disaster is example for all till the dooms day. Hazrat Sualeh and his one hundred and twenty followers who believed in Allah remained safe from the calamity. Fifteen hundred families died of the thunder and lightning.

Moral: Al-mighty Allah is the creator. All praise is to Allah. One can achieve success only if obeys Allah. Disobedience and mistrusting His messengers leads to disaster only.


They people assured him that they would.

Hazrat Sualeh prayed to Allah and within no time a healthy she camel with a baby camel comes into sight. Seeing believes, so Junde bin Umro and some of his men acknowledged Hazrat Sualeh’s preaching. But many who worshiped idols were misguided by Duaab bin Umro and Khubab.

Of all the people one of the respected men of their society Shahaab bin Khalifa also betrayed Hazrat Sualeh (peace be upon him).

The she camel created from a stone is mentioned in the holy Quran as NAAQTULLAH (Allah’s she camel). The camel produced milk was more than enough for all the people.

Hazrat Sualeh warned people: “The camel is symbol of Allah’s creation and His power.  Take care of it. If you mistreat than be prepared for Allah’s curse and awful punishment.”

There was a   puddle in that area where all cattle drank water. Hazrat Sualeh arranged that one day all animals will drink water and the next day only the camel would. This was disliked by many people.

There were two very rich women called Enizah bint-e- Ghanam and Sadooq bint-e- Mahaya bin Meher. They bribed compelled two very ignoble men Qaidar and Masda bin Mehraj

They planned along with seven dishonorable men to kill the camel.

One day the camel was going to the pasture which it used to go for grazing.  The scoundrels were waiting for the camel to kill.  Qaidar attacked the camel first then others joined him. They finally killed the camel. The baby camel could not bear to see its mother die so it ran away bawling and looking up in the sky.

It disappeared in a mountain.

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So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

Allah sent almost one million twenty four thousand messengers.

A number of people demanded any messenger of Allah sent for them, to show them miracles. They thought that miracles will prove their identity of being the messenger. They thought that only messengers can show miracles. They said that only miracles could make them believe in oneness of Allah.

The people of Samood bin Aad bin Erum bin Saam bin Nuh (peace be upon him) belonged to north and western areas of Saudi Arab.

The people of Samood built separate palaces and huge houses for summer and winter in the mountains and the valley. They were a very rich nation. But they were very poor character wise. They were severely punished by Allah for their wrong doings. This is also mentioned in Quran.


Allah sent Hazrat Sualeh (peace be upon him) to show them the right way of living.   Hazrat Sualeh was son of Ubaid bin Hazur ibne Samood.

Hazrat Sualeh told people to speak the truth, believe in one Allah and He is the supreme power. But the devil had effected them so wrongly that they did not listen to Hazrat Sualeh’s (peace be upon him) advise.

They teased Hazrat Sualeh and misbehaved with him in return. The people thought that misbehaving will discourage Hazrat Sualeh and he will stop preaching.

One of the leaders of their tribe Junde bin Umro asked Hazrat Sualeh to create a she camel from the stone, who would give plenty of milk. If Hazrat Sualeh creates such a she camel then they would respect him and accept him as messenger of Allah.

Hazrat Sualeh: “Will you believe in what I ask you for if the camel is created?”

The people assured him that they would.


A teacher is very important to educate and teach children about the difference between good and bad, so to to lead an upright life.

Messengers of Allah did the same.The messengers Allah sent were all honest, kind and God-fearing.

When killing, abusing, cheating, robbery and other evil deeds spread in any particular area, Allah chose the best person among them to guide people to follow the right path.

Each messenger passed on the message of Allah. The message was to believe in one Allah and to live a simple honest life.

The messengers practiced themselves what they preached. Their followers followed them exactly and pleased Almighty Allah. But every messenger had to face many problems. It is not easy to change bad habits in short time. People who were used to cheat and do bad things did not agree to change their old habits. So when any messenger of Allah asked them to believe in one Allah. They did not follow. They worshiped idols. Some worshiped the sun the moon the snake etc. So the messengers were sometimes rebuked and ill-treated.

The devil always misguides people. The devil makes people do harmful things. It enjoys when people fight or kill each other.

So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

to be continued———-





The purpose of Adam Day is to remind people that we need to be able to live and let live; this is important for all levels and all different aspect of our society. This special day is in recognition of the common humanity descended from Adam who is generally accepted as the first human being and the father of the human race. In the present turbulent world it is important that we remember that we all have a responsibility to promote love, peace and harmony in our very diverse society.


Azeemia Foundation has been celebrating ADAM DAY in Manchester UK every year since 2003. This year this event will be held seventh time at Manchester and second time at London.

Azeemia Foundation (UK)

Al-Shaikh Azeemi’s mission and his invitation to the whole of mankind is that they should learn the Inner Knowledge and realize their latent potential so that they may get to know the Lord Creator of the universe, and hence enjoy a blissful life both here and in the hereafter.

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