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Teachers are like rulers. They place orders and wish to see their orders obeyed fully completely and without any error. (They forget that err is to human—–:)

They have all rights reserved to punish students the way they like. They can order a student to keep standing for as long as they like, or stand facing the wall, kneeling down with hands up is one of the favorite punishments of teachers. Scales are made to check the thickness of the students’  hide (teachers think students have hide not skin :)) or to measure the level of pain student can bear, so to beat softly or   harshly, depending on the tolerance of the students or patience of a teacher’s own muscle.

No one can do anything or raise voice against teachers. The presidents, judges, butchers, mechanics, doctors, engineers have all been through it when they were students. That’s the reason why justice is delayed and  culprits are sentenced to death, butchers make fine mince, and doctors do surgeries lovingly. They all have their treacherous teachers in mind when performing their jobs 🙂 with due apology to teachers lol

Teachers  deduct or give marks while checking exam papers according to their moods. They may give marks for not attempting the question even or can deduct marks for poor handwriting. They are the kings of all students in their jurisdiction.

The most interesting thing is that teachers like to be loved and respected like faithful bondsman.

But if wishes of students ever came true, then such cruel teachers would have all die.

It is said that teachers are preachers like prophets. They teach, preach and brush up students’ character and take out the latent abilities. So I want to be a teacher like my own teachers (I hope they read this line—otherwise you know my future will be a dark one—-:)) Teaching is the profession I like most.

I want to make them good human beings, good citizens to make their country grow in all fields.

To instill the values and virtues in students’ minds is my utmost aspiration

If you can’t be a king—be a teacher as Mughal King Shahjahan asked his son to provide him a wooden rod and some students when he was imprisoned by his won son. THE SON SAID TO HIMSELF THAT KINGSHIP IS STILL THERE 🙂



Trees play a very important role in our lives. Old trees act as a meeting point for people of different towns and areas. The old tree has huge and broad trunk with uncountable branches which spread the shadow covering a wide space. They provide shade and shelter to travelers.

One day, two travelers started their journey in the early morning. They walked for several miles in hot sunny day. It was so hot that could walk any more and got very tired.

They were happy to see a big thousand years old Banyan tree with breezing wind. So they decided to rest under the shade of that tree. They slept for many hours. When they awoke they felt hungry as they had traveled a long distance without eating anything. They climbed the tree to eat any fruit on it but since it was not a fruit bearing tree so they got down feeling unhappy.

One of the travelers was very short temper. He started abusing the tree. He said, “Oh, you are just a useless tree. You have no fruit or nuts to feed us.” He then kicked the poor tree so harshly that he hurt his won foot.

The other traveler calmed him down and asked him be patient and control his anger.

The old tree was very unhappy with his cruel hurting words and bad behavior so it said, “You can’t be so thankless to me. I provided you shade and space with cool breeze to rest and sleep in hot summer day. Just think if I wasn’t here, you would have died under the burning sun. I saved your life. Instead of thanking me you are cursing me.”

The traveler felt sorry for his temper so he apologized and asked forgiveness.

Moral: everything God created has some benefits for the human beings. Before getting angry we should realize and be careful of our words and temper.


Me a kite—-
You have the string of affection
If loosen it with poise of love
Would then dangle with beat of breeze
If thou sloppily tighten this string
Will tumble down from the skies to ground;
If thy cord is strong then, beat each competitor
Endorse your devotion, vanish self in thy love
But, if thy cord of love weakens ever
Falling on any roof will split and ebb….

Razia Subhan

میں اک پتنگ
ترے پاس ڈور الفت کی
جو اعتمادِ محبت کی ڈِھیل دے اِسکو
تو پھر ہواؤں کی سنگت میں خوب لہراؤں
جو بے رُخی سے یہی ڈور کھینچ لے تو اگر
تو بامِ عرش سے پھر میں زمیں پہ آجاؤں
جو تیری ڈور ہو مضبوط،پھر تومیں ہر دم
ہر ایک مدِ مقابل کو مات دےجاؤں
بڑھاؤں مان ترا،جذبِ دل میں کھو جاؤں
مگر جو ڈورِ محبت ہوئی تری کمزور
تو پھر میں دُور
کسی چھت پہ
کٹ کے گر جاؤں۔۔۔



The Quran is a complete code of life and sent for all ages and for all human beings. It is so composed that in spite of changes in knowledge, outlook and approach through various times and ages, it outshines all learning and knowledge in all ages. It provides meanings and ideas that can satisfy the needs of everyone and every time.

Thus the Quran is for all; the learned as well as the ordinary common reader. To make it more clearly, we can compare Quran to an ocean.  The less learned like children, collect pebbles and sea shells from ocean. The Scholars and thinkers or pear divers, bring out from it the highest philosophy, wisdom and rules of perfect living.

The Quran teaches us that Islam does not deal with the personal life of a believer, but also covers the rules of social behavior. It is a complete code of life.


Long long ago there lived a very rich man. He was so rich that he could easily afford to feed all the people of his town. The man was very proud of his wealth and thus boasted his luxurious life to his friends and relatives.

The rich man’s son studied in a far off land. Once, when his son came home on vacation, his father wanted to make his realize that how rich his father is. However his son was not fond of classy living.

The rich man planned a visit with his to the town just to prove that how well-to-do they are and how deprived other people were.

Having visited the town in a deluxe chariot, both father and son came home after two days.

The father was happy to see his son quiet during the visit seeing the sufferings of poverty and ailment. Father proudly asked his son;” Dear son, did you enjoy the trip?”

The son replied; “yes father for showing me that how rich those people are and how poor are we.”

The rich father was stunned to hear his son’s words. He was speechless.

The son started again saying, “Father true wealth is not money and property we have. It is more about friendship, relationship and compassion we share with them.”

Moral: Life and love is  true wealth and more important than lifeless wealth


Ramadan, the ninth month on Islamic calendar is the month of fasting for Muslims which ends with sightings of the crescent moon known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is believed that Quran is revealed to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) in Ramadan which has made it the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan Muslims are believed to be the guests of God. Therefore they don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and also they try to give up bad habits, and tighten friendship bonding with their kindness and generosity.

Ramadan remarkably raises people’s realization and brings peace and tolerance to society as those who fast feel spiritually lightened on the day of Eid.

A Muslim is required to show respect for others. So that others also follow him making the environment of society friendly. It is in Ramadan that Muslims show their humbleness generosity, kindness tolerance and good behavior more than in other months.

Family and community ties are building up in Muslims from different social, political and economic backgrounds come together for once to share in the blessings of this Holy month. The unity is seen everywhere, whether at the masjid or other gatherings especially at iftar time.

Moral: the essence of Islam is self discipline, peace and tolerance!


Crow's nestHuxley - Crows of Pearblossom - 004


Cooperative breeding

Long-term pair bonds

Long-term family bonds

Sibling helping

Brood reduction

Territoriality and flock use

Urban/rural comparison


Age of first breeding

Caching of food

50 species of Corvus


What do crows eat?


Why do crows gather in flocks during the day?

To cruise the singles’ flocks

How smart are crows?

Smarter than many undergraduates, but probably not as smart as ravens

Are crows getting bigger?


Are crow populations increasing?

Probably, but not as much as you think

How can you tell a male crow from a female?

Not easily

How many different calls do crows make?

Lots, but most of them still sound like “caw”

Why do crows hate owls?

Many good reasons, most having to do with decapitated crows

Do crows play?


Do crows make good pets?

Yes, but they’re VERY illegal



Bunny rabbit lived happily in a jungle. He had a very big circle of friends. So he was very proud to have so many friends unlike other rabbits.

One fine day, Bunny heard a loud scaring bark of a dog. He immediately decided to ask for help. He went to his friend the Skippy deer. Bunny said; “Dear Skippy, some wild dogs are chasing me. Can you please chase them away with your sharp antlers?”

Skippy the deer said; “That’s right. I do run very fast and can chase them away too, but I’m sorry I’m very busy right now. Why don’t you ask the Big Bear to help you?”

Bunny ran to seek help from Big bear.” Dear Big Bear, you are so strong and brave. Kindly chase away the wild dogs that are after me.”

Big Bear replied; “Please ask the Cheeky Monkey to help you, as I’m very tired and hungry. I need to find some food to eat.”

Poor Bunny went to ask for help to all his friends, elephant, goat, jackal zebra etc but bunny was sad that none of them helped him.

So he hid under a bush and lay very still. The dogs didn’t see him and went their away.

Moral: He learnt that one has to be strong and confident of him and not to depend on others.

VARIOUSJohn and James were best friends. They fight for many reasons and but never gave up their friendship. They went in search of a job and visited many places to earn more money. They passed through various places, villages, towns, forests, beaches, and were supporting each other all the way through out their journey. 

One day they reached a desert and they had a very little food and water. John told James to eat half the quantity of food and then once they get very tired and feel like they cannot make a step they can eat another half and save water for the late.

However, James disagreed. He wanted to drink water as he was very thirsty. They quarreled among each other to have water. John slapped James and they walked in silent. They decided to have food and continue their journey. James wrote in sand, ‘My best friend slapped me!’

They shared the meager amount of food and water and finally reached an oasis. They were very tired after passing through the dry and hot desert. James was so happy to see the oasis and had a lot of fun in the water. While they both were bathing, James was a bit careless and began to drown. John rushed to him and saved James.

James hugged his friend and thanked him. They had a little nap and decided to leave the place. They were about to leave and James carved something on the rock.

It was ‘My best friend saved my life!’

John asked ‘why you were marking all these here James?’ James replied, ‘You slapped me, I wrote in sand. It was definitely not good. However, if you go and see the sand you can find no letter wrote on the sand. Now I carved the good thing on the stone, and it will remain forever!’

Moral: We have to forget the bad things done to us and engrave the good things in the stone.


Patty the Milkmaid was going to market carrying her milk in a pail on her head.

As she went along, she began calculating what she would do with the money she would get for the milk. I’ll buy some fowls from Farmer Brown,” said she, “and they will lay eggs each morning, which I will sell to the parson’s wife..

With the money that I get from the sale of these eggs, I’ll buy myself a new dimity frock and a chip hat; and when I go to market, won’t all the young men come up and speak to me!

Polly Shaw will be so jealous; but I don’t care. I shall just look at her and toss my head like this.” As she spoke that, she tossed her head back and the pail fell off it, and all the milk was spilled all over!


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