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The Fish 2

Posted on: May 9, 2014


With Allah’s say-so a blue whale swallowed Hazrat Yunus (peace is upon him) alive.

Hazrat Yunus has predicted that in 40 days the people of Nainwa will under go a harsh disaster. The people would not believe.

After some days the signs of disaster started to appear. Then they realized that Hazrat Yunus was the true messenger of Allah. What ever he predicted is coming true.

They got very scared as there was no one to rescue them. So they begged Allah for forgiveness. Almighty Allah is most merciful.

He forgave them. The signs of disaster disappeared and people took a sigh of relief. On the other hand Hazrat Yunus (peace is upon him) was feeling guilty for not waiting for Allah’s consent and left the people of Nainwa alone to suffer.

Hazrat Yunus requested: “O, my most merciful Allah please forgive me. All praise is for you. None is to be worshiped than you alone. I confess of your greatness. I was wrong.”

Allah is most kind and benevolent. When he heard his messenger’s heart felt apology he forgave him. Allah ordered the whale to vomit Hazrat Yunus on the coast. The whale obeyed Allah’s command and vomit out Hazrat Younus on the coast.

Staying in whale’s dark stomach made Hazrat Yunus very weak. Then Allah made a climbing plant grow near him. Hazrat Younus lay under the shade of the creeper.

When he got a little better he made a hut under creeper’s shade and lived there.

Time passed. It so happened that the creeper withered. Hazrat Yunus felt sad to see it wither. All then sent message to Hazrat Yunus: “Yunus, you feel sad to see the creeper wither. You did not think of millions of people and animals in Nainwa when you left them. You think I will not feel sad to see my creatures suffer of the disaster? You think I’m not caring and merciful? You cast a curse on them and went away?  You did not wait for my consent either. This is expected of messenger of Allah.”

Allah then asked Hazrat Yunus to go to Nainwa and live there among people. He should live and share their joys and sorrows and guide them to the right path of life.

Hazrat Yunus went back to Nainwa. The people welcomed Hazrat Yunus with joy and warmth. They acted upon what he preached them. Thus they benefited in this world and here after.

This is mentioned in holy Quran in Soorah al-Umbia, As-Saffa’at and Soorah Al-Qalam.

Moral: one should not feel hopeless of problems and miseries. He should have strong faith in Allah who is most merciful and kind. One should face and bear the problems with patience and endurance. If one feels guilty and asks for forgiveness Allah forgives his creatures.


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