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Posted on: May 7, 2014


Hazrat Yousaf was very honest and pious like his father Hazrat Yaqoob (peace is upon him). His good character impressed other prisoners in the jail. He helped the prisoners and solved their problems as much as he could. He shared their relief and grief. He could foretell the dreams too. The prisoners respected Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him).

The news of his knowledge and wisdom and dream foretelling spread outside the prison too.

The King of Egypt saw a weird dream. He asked many dream interpreters but no one could satisfy him. Hazrat Yousaf’s fame had reached the palace too. So the King let free Hazrat Yousaf from the prison and called him.  Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) explained the King’s dream in such a way that the king got satisfied. As a reward the King appointed Hazrat Yousaf one of his ministers.

With Hazrat Yousaf’s wise decisions and management the conditions of the country prospered in all departments. The harvest was rich that year.

The King was very pleased with Hazrat Yousaf’s policies. The public lived happily with all their needs fulfilled.

Life is a game of pain and gain so after some time due to no rains the earth dried up and produced no harvest.  Food shortage overcame Egypt and surrounding areas.

Animals and human beings died of hunger. Hazrat Yousaf’s own region Kaina’n faced the same miserable condition.

The King of Egypt was very kind and generous. He ordered to provide and sell the stock up crop at very low cost to the public.

People from far and wide came to buy crops at very cheap price.

Hazrat Yousaf’s (peace is upon him) brothers also came to buy crop and grain at low rates.

Hazrat Yousaf had grown into a handsome graceful man so his brothers could not recognize him. Hazrat Yousaf recognized his brothers. He behaved very kindly with them.

Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) told his brothers all that happened in the forest. How his brothers threw him in the well. He told them the whole story of how Almighty Allah helped him. He holds such a noble position because of his honesty and Almighty Allah’s mercy.

Hazrat Yousaf told them that now he is in a better position than them where as they are in a down condition.

His brothers felt guilty so asked Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) to forgive them.

Hazrat Yousaf was very kindhearted and good man so he forgave his brothers. Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) invited his father Hazrat Yaqoob to Egypt also. They all lived a happy life there.

This is mentioned in holy Quran in Soorah Yousaf.

Moral: jealousy and hatred brings nothing but loss and disgrace only. Almighty Allah helps honest and kind.  No one can harm those who are blessed by Almighty. Allah is most powerful and fair.

It’s a famous saying that; Man gets and forgets but Allah gives and forgives.

So we should also try to forgive if any one cheats or harms us.

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