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Am neither thrilled nor disrupting at all

Posted on: July 30, 2017


Hairat-e-ishq nahin, shauq junoon-posh nahin​

Be-hijabana chale aao mujhe hosh nahin…..​

Am neither thrilled nor disrupting at all

Come liberally, I’m not in senses at all

Rind jo mujh ko samajhte hain, unhein hosh nahin​

Maikada saaz hoon main maikada bardosh nahin​

Who think I’m a drunk aren’t in their senses

​I liven up the bar , not ruin; I’m in my senses

Kah gai kaan mein aa kar tere daaman ki hawa​​

Sahib-e-hosh wohi hai, ke jise hosh nahin​

Breeze softly whisper in my ear of thy coming

Who seems intoxicated, is actually in senses

Kabhi un mad-bhari aankhon se piya tha ek jaam​​

Aaj tak hosh nahin, hosh nahin, hosh nahin​

Those miraculous eyes once intoxicated me

Since that moment till now I’m not in senses

Mehw-e-tasbeeh hi to sab hain magar idraaq kahaan​​

Zindagi khud hi ibaadat hai magar hosh nahin​

One and all reciting on rosary with no awareness

Life is worship and divine, but no one’s in senses

Mil ke jis din se gaya hai koi ik baar ‘jigar’​​

Mujh ko ye waham hai jaise mera aagosh nahin ​

The day my love me me and went away, Jigar

I feel I have missing my heart and my senses

~ Jigar Muradabadi (1890–1960)


6 Responses to "Am neither thrilled nor disrupting at all"

That’s nice, I appreciate it.

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thanks a lot aquibview


Beautiful piece . Jigar Moradabadi . Loved it . Master piece it is !!

Liked by 1 person

Thanks a lot Fatima dear, wishing you peace and love ❤


cute, your are confident.

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Your words are much appreciated Kora dear :0 you are so beautiful ❤


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