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Hairat-e-ishq nahin, shauq junoon-posh nahin​

Be-hijabana chale aao mujhe hosh nahin…..​

Am neither thrilled nor disrupting at all

Come liberally, I’m not in senses at all

Rind jo mujh ko samajhte hain, unhein hosh nahin​

Maikada saaz hoon main maikada bardosh nahin​

Who think I’m a drunk aren’t in their senses

​I liven up the bar , not ruin; I’m in my senses

Kah gai kaan mein aa kar tere daaman ki hawa​​

Sahib-e-hosh wohi hai, ke jise hosh nahin​

Breeze softly whisper in my ear of thy coming

Who seems intoxicated, is actually in senses

Kabhi un mad-bhari aankhon se piya tha ek jaam​​

Aaj tak hosh nahin, hosh nahin, hosh nahin​

Those miraculous eyes once intoxicated me

Since that moment till now I’m not in senses

Mehw-e-tasbeeh hi to sab hain magar idraaq kahaan​​

Zindagi khud hi ibaadat hai magar hosh nahin​

One and all reciting on rosary with no awareness

Life is worship and divine, but no one’s in senses

Mil ke jis din se gaya hai koi ik baar ‘jigar’​​

Mujh ko ye waham hai jaise mera aagosh nahin ​

The day my love me me and went away, Jigar

I feel I have missing my heart and my senses

~ Jigar Muradabadi (1890–1960)



The moon descending down on earth tonight

It has illuminated on the whole earth tonight

The entrancing blowing pleasant gentle wind

Captivating on the earth intoxicated tonight

The wind whispers the love ballads softly

Love and ardor has beautified earth tonight

Yours likeness in the moon’s reflection

Seems as if seen the moon on earth tonight

Everybody has gone to sleep in the city

The moon passes through on earth tonight

Might get sleep at dawn

The earth is presently spellbinding tonight


چاند اترا ہے زمیں پر امشب

نور بکهرا ہے زمیں پر امشب

سحر میں ڈوبی ہوا چلتی ہے

ایک نشہ ہے زمیں پر امشب

قصہ عشق سناتی ہے ہوا

رنگ پهیلا ہے زمیں پر امشب

چاند کے روپ میں تمہارا عکس

چاند دیکها ہے زمیں پر امشب

سو گئے شهر کے مکاں سارے

چاند پهرتا ہے زمیں پر امشب

آنکه لگ جائے گی سحر ہوتے

جادو چلتا ہے زمیں پر امشب

انور زاہدی

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