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Each and Every Instant

Posted on: February 20, 2015

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Every instant gives me pain

Life is an unfruitful arid region

Desires have never been fulfilled

The roads are flooded

Your persona is sweet-smelling

It’s similar to blossoming roses

The beauty in thy face is similar to

The divine beauty of a righteous book

Your voice and your way of talking

Are melodious like, a playing violin

Solitude is as serene as if reunion

Is going through testing and trying

Your body is like a charismatic fairyland

It’s similar to a child’s lovable dream

Earlier it was a simple query but now

It is a complicated explanation

13 Responses to "Each and Every Instant"

Is it your original work or translation?. feelings are genuine and have to touched some deeply vulnerable part of our hearts

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its translation of Ayub Aafi. thank you for kind comments Shaista. Did you read my yesterday’s blog. if not plz do read and comment


It is remarkable and lovely~

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Thank you dear Cindy for taking taking out time to read and comment kindly


Very beautiful Tanveer!

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words fail to thank you Nidemas


The last two lines… 🙂 lovely

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Thank you Ranju dear 🙂 your words are energy booster 🙂

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remarkable – Brilliant!

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I’m humbled, thank you 🙂


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