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If thou are beautiful,

Give proof of allurement

I’m ill-fated, restore my destiny!

Give me joy that destroys my gloom

Anything that manifests thy loveliness

Give me that word of praise or inspiration

Offer all charm of era’s gloom to thy eyes

Enclose this unkindness in agreeable sheath

I have no concern about Pharaoh’s bowl

I’m a handful of dust; give me your wine of love

O’ gentle breeze! Thou touched her beautiful face

Give me delightful news, when will I meet her?

Ayaz chants the true elocution in present time

Turn him out from this graceful poets’ gathering

Lovelier than the skies, stars,

images (1)

Lovelier than the skies, stars,

Flowers, clouds, mountains;

From one and all I asked

About your destination;

But you, in my thoughts,

My center of allurement,

How silently seated

In my heart’s temple;

My home is your pathway

Come to my lane some day,

To console my heart,

To accomplish wishes;

Before infinity of love,

Before the act of my wishes;

If you wish to meet me, beloved

My home is just on the way—–!

Ahmar Hasan Ahmar’s touching poetry

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


1. Which place is there for your name in your body?

Ans ; the EAR is the place in your body where your name is– you hear your name 🙂

2. Do you know the grave that carried a dead body where ever it went?

Ans. It was the blue whale that swallowed and carried -the Prophet Yunus (p.b.u.h) alive in its stomach–

3.Name those living creatures that were  born without any parent ?

Ans. 1.The Prophet Adam (p.b.u.h), 2.The mother Eve  (p.b.u.h) 3.The lamb brought from heavens to be sacrificed instead of the Prophet Ismail (p.b.u.h) 4. The camel that came out from a mountain to prove that Sualeh (p.b.u.h) was  The Prophet

4.Who was the first man killed on this planet earth ?

Ans. Habeel, the son of Adam (p.b.u.h)was killed by his brother Qabeel

5.Name four things that have different color and taste but basis is same

Ans. the tears are saltish, nose water is sour, the ear was is bitter and mouth water is sweet

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