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I landed Dubai on 20th March 2015. my daughter Nadia is here with her husband and son and so is my dearest daughter like niece Erum, who is very dear and close to my heart.  I’m so lucky to have them. everyday we went out to different malls, watched movies did window shopping and had fun This is my second visit to Dubai. I like the peaceful safe and secure Dubai. its very clean, well organized and developing everyday. May it grow more to provide opportunities to unemployed.

one evening we went to Mall of Emirates. after some window shopping and enjoying we went to food court. I love to watch people of all races, religion, region and color beautifully casually or formally dressed going here and there least bothering what others do. Sitting in food court and enjoying Thai food i enjoyed every moment there. after finishing i got up forgetting my cell phone to pick up from the table. While going back home i remembered that i had no cell phone with me. We had reached quite far from the mall and it was  late too so my son in law called on my cell number. Someone picked up and assured him that its safe with HR and can be got anytime. I was surprised and doubtful at the same time.

Next day we went and got it! I wonder whether it’s fear of punishment that no one took it. people of all nature but no one dares to steal———–

I’m very thankful for the security system that i got my dear cell phone. I’m not friends with smart phones so I love my old simple cell 🙂

Thank you Dubai

The reason for coming to Dubai this time is to meet my dear and great lady, my sister in law, her two sons with their families.w’ll be seeing each other after 15 long years. I feel humbly proud to acknowledge that they are just coming to see me.


Tick the correct answer

Which unit would you select to measure the distance around racetrack? (mm——m)

Which unit would you select to measure the distance to the next town  (cm———–km)

Which unit would you select to measure the length of a small insect (m——-mm)

Which unit would you select to measure the length of a paper clip (mm—–m)

What are meters used to measure? ( length————- distance)

What is the symbol of mili gram?

What is the prefix for one tenth 0.1 ?

What is the symbol for mega meter?

One kilometer equals how many meters?

Which unit would you select to measure the diameter of a half dollar?


He who preaches bigotry

is not one of us.

And not being one of us,

he may go ahead

and fight in the cause of bigotry.

He who dies for such a cause

is not one of us either

Hadith of Abu Dawud on the authority of Jubair ibn Mut’im


What is relationship? I don’t really understand. Is it the fondness, love or be familiar  with someone, something, some incidence, happening or what———

One of my friends who passed away years back, used to say that Tanveer likes everything that exits on this earth; a pebble, a rainbow, clouds, an ant, a paper, a child, fire, anything, anything that has name——

And that’s trueJ I know that God is beautiful so whatever He has created has some beauty in it.

I was a student of 6th grade and very immature in 1963. I went to the market to buy some grocery. There I saw a man who had also come to buy. He was the ugliest man I ever saw. (I’m sorry to say this) I looked at him for some time. I thought that he’s so ugly, no girl will marry him. A thought straight away came to my mind——I will marry him —— I don’t know why I was so concerned about that man, who was a stranger. I didn’t know who he was where he lived or what he did——-just knew nothing about him or his whereabouts——— he also glanced at me as I was constantly looking at him. I don’t know what he thought about me—- but before leaving I just passed him a sweet smile and came back home. I didn’t even share with anybody at home. I think my innocent harmless intention pleased God, as the husband he chose for me was one of the most handsome men I saw and see around. So whenever I looked at my husband and his manly splendor, reminded me of that manJ!  My husband was a beautiful gift and reward of my innocent and pure likeness by God. Children and people all were more simple and innocent in those times.

I loved my husband so much that words fail to describe my love for him. He died in the hospital being ill for two years of brain injury.  I don’t know what made me sing all the way back home loudly in the car. No one dared to stop me as everyone was so touched and knew my mental condition—– jeevan k safar me rahi milte hein bicher jane ko, aur de jaate hein yaadein tunhai mei turpaane ko—translation;  in the course of life companions meet but to depart—- leaving behind their memories to grieve and bereave in aloneness

It’s an old Indian song and it haunts me still so I have a very long relationship with this song

May the soul of that man (if he’s dead, and my dear husband’s soul rest in peace, amen) Even last night I saw my husband in dream. He hugged me!  29th March 1984 was his last day of life in this mortal world. Though it’s been so long that he’s no more but I wait for him especially in the evening————

Value Added Life

I’m not a huge music fan; it’s not something that drives me. Whilst I listen to my MP3 constantly it’s more as a form of company on my daily commute, a familiar way of blocking out the stresses and strains of daily life, an accompaniment to my routine. I easily forget artists and bands that I like; new stuff appears and pushes out the old, which does provide the later pleasure of rediscovering a group or album.

Some musical pleasures though are those that are with you in the day to day, which keep you inspired whatever the weather. Whose songs become as familiar as a favourite pairs of boots, or the perfume you wear just to feel like you. Many, in fact almost all of my musical obsessions have fallen by the wayside over the years; The Spice Girls aged 10-11, Boyzone 11-13, Westlife, Daniel Beddingfield, Linkin Park, The…

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Day of Judgment

Day of Judgment

A believer, who feeds another of the faithful who is hungry,

will be fed on the fruits of Paradise by God on the Day of Judgment.

And a believer, who serves water

To another who is thirsty, will have his thirst slaked

from the sealed drinks by God on the Day of Judgment

And if believer clothes another of the faithful who is in dire need of clothing,

he too will be rewarded with the apparel from Paradise

on the Day of Judgment.


A  man thus addressed the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h):

‘O’ Messenger of God, who rightfully deserves the best treatment from me?’

‘Your mother,’ The Prophet said.

“Then who?’

‘your mother’ replied the Prophet

The man asked again.

‘Your mother’ replied the Prophet

‘Then who?’

‘Your mother’  said the Prophet

“The man asked once more,

‘Then who?’

‘Your father,’ said the Prophet.

Hadith of Al-Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah


A talk of colors, a talk about colors

 Has unlocked the universe of colors

 Razia endorsed the worth of colors

With her verse; the verve of colors,


They cannot invade a heart

Those who can’t give respect;

A woman, not a property

She is not to be distributed

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