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On the misty   dewy smile

Have written lonesome night

 I have skillfulness in my hands

My heart is fond of insanity

Colors spreading out on snow

Like evening glimmer on veil

The sky wakes from slumber

Lonesome night grins anywhere

 In far and wide spreading valley

Is, but dreamy forlorn loneliness

And in this sleepy forest somewhere

Your remembrance has gently crept 

Shaista Farrukh Mufti’s poetry


Face mapping is a combination of the ancient Chinese medicine and the Ayurveda, explaining how certain parts of your face are tightly connected with other areas of your body. Put it this way; imagine your face as a map and blemishes as X’s on that landscape. Spots in different zones correspond to different problems. So, use this “video” as your guide, and discover the underlying causes of blemishes and now you can not only make the unsightly zits disappear but you can also treat the problem causing them.

I found this information good for health for each one of us so i thought of sharing or rather refreshing:)

carrots for eyes
Orange – Breast
-Banana for Bananas contain potassium, which is very useful for muscle strength. Men feel a superb sensation in their instrument. 
Chilies contain a chemical Capsaic in which increases circulation to get blood pumping. It also stimulates nerveendings. So men feel superb turned on.

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images (1)16076326-smiling-mother-feeding-her-daughter-piece-of-carrot

My uncle was on a flight from Paris to New York in 1997. When he took his seat in the aircraft a French lady with her three or four year old daughter came and sat on the seat next to his. As there are only three seats, the mother sat on one, the daughter next to my uncle’s.

After a while an airhostess served food. The French lady taking the tray from the air hostess began feeding her daughter and at the same time partaking from it herself.  She put a morsel in her daughter’s mouth and after she had eaten it, the lady said, ‘Say thank you,’ she then put another spoonful of rice and made her say, ‘thank you’ again. According to my uncle the lady made her daughter say the word ‘Thank you’ thirty six 36 times during the course of the meal.

He observed this with amazement that this habit of showing gratitude would surely become part of her daughter’s character and she will be thankful to everyone for the rest of her life.

Moral; we should teach our children these good habits from childhood to be grateful for anything they are blessed with


“I am the seed of all existence. There is no being, moving or still, that exists without Me”

The world is like a beautiful painting or a musical symphony. We might know how the colors are mixed on the canvas or how the musical instruments are played in the orchestra, but that does not help us to appreciate the beauty of the picture or the music that is produced, or the inner meaning which the artist or composer has given it.  All of life, from the universe itself down to the individual trees and seeds and the very earth is full of the divine purpose of God, the artist and creator behind it.

The best teacher of teachers is but Allah.  He taught names of all that exists to Hazrat Adam. Then Adam passed his knowledge to others.

To spread knowledge and for character building, prophets were sent. Some Prophets were given some scriptures to educate people to believe in oneness of Allah to behave modestly and to create a peaceful environment.

Every prophet was associated with a tree. Trees are used for meditation and spiritual empowerment. The Prophets and saints under the trees and enlightened the folk. A sahabi tree is still there. A documentary was made on it too. It stand in the desert alone providing peace to the travelers. It was planted by the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

  It is interesting to learn that tree is a symbol of a teacher. Like a tree provides shade, fruits, wood, in short every part of a tree is for the benefit. So is a teacher. Nothing can be learnt without a teacher. Books are tools not teacher. Trees not only cater human beings but animals and other plants too. They play a great role in spreading beauty harmony and peace in the world. They clean the air and the atmosphere. A banyan tree is the best example of spreading beauty, shade and shelter for existence.

There’s a Shanti Nagar university in Bangladesh. Students learn music and arts in the shades on the trees. As a tree gives soothing affect to eyes and serenity to heart, so does a teacher to human mind and soul.

Some of the humane teachers have taken the responsibility of promoting peace in their city and plan to expand and spread it worldwide. Teach for Peace is their motto.

Hence the conclusion is that teachers along with other like mind people can bring peace making the planet earth a beautiful place live and cherish



“Accept the children the way we accept trees—with gratitude, because they are a blessing—but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change; you love them as they are.”
― Isabel Allende

thats true. I will reblog it:)

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By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

All the times of flowing tears will tear too

Your vigor and mine will free us from this tie 

But entire sagas are only for reassuring our hearts,

Nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

Smiling, moaning, weeping, wounding and singing;

Dream of harmony is strange and will remain weird

In stagnant arena, the lover will narrate the love story

Gradually our whole lives will wash down through eyes;


 Black bed-room eyes yet decked with mascara,

Like lightening shimmers more in dark clouds;

Seeing her with lusty eyes today, a delight,

Her heart beat tinkling inside with each footstep;

How thirsting her eyes! What does the damsel want?

Each time goes, wishes to fill the pond in her pitcher;

At dawn, hair tresses look as if snakes caress,

Her lure, her scent is akin to scented sandalwood;

 Like a cloud hooked on an arch of the moon,

Her dropping veil entangles with her trinkets;

In this world, your glamour comes to me as if,

 An oil lamp is lighted in a dormant dark forest;

Who’s come to me, through a small window breach?

Bashfully, eyes looking down, and fragrant veil;

I blazed each sentiment of love in my bosom,

Like someone put a lit matchstick in liquor

What happens now? Which instant, a storm arises?

Number of painful centuries, that echo each sec;

Who we are? Until yesterday we yearned for harmony

Peace bothers me today, find harmony in restlessness

images (1)

Praise is to Allah. We bear witness that there is only one God who has no partners beside Him, and we bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.

Praise is to Allah who blessed us with the guidance of His prophets and messengers. Praise is to Allah whose Mercy encompasses everything. Praise is to Allah who knows our needs and answers our calls and brings peace to our hearts.

Praise is to Allah who breathed into us of His Spirit and placed the light of His guidance in our inmost being. Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide. We put our trust in Allah and seek His forgiveness, aid, and support.

A man once came to the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and asked him about the hereafter. The Prophet asked him, “And what have you prepared for that time?” The man replied, “Nothing, except that I love Allah and I love you.” The Prophet (p.b.u.h) answered him, “You are with the ones you love.”

Dear friends the guidance of Islam is the guidance of love. The innate, natural and ancient religion that is Islam is the religion of love. The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) came to guide us to love and to make clear the love that is at the core of all religions. Our purpose as human beings is to consciously manifest Allah’s love in our lives. This is the most significant meaning that can bring purpose to us and transform our lives. When we reflect upon the history of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and the spread of his message we will realize that Islam could not have taken root in the world without the love that filled the heart of the Prophet and was clearly manifest in his way of relating and interacting with people that brought out their own deep and profound love for him. Without this mutual and abiding love, none of us would be here today. Without this love Islam would not have been possible.

Today, it seems that we too often hear and read much that is harsh and heartless about Islam and not enough that is loving and beautiful. There seems to be too many messages of prejudice, literalism, legalism, violence, and oppression. The superficiality, ugliness and darkness that are too prevalent in today’s Islamic discourse are nothing like what the Prophet brought us.

I would like to share with you part of the first sermon ever given by the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) in Medina. This is what he had to say to his companions,

Love that which Allah loves! Love Allah with all your hearts! Grow not weary of hearing the Word of Allah. Do not stop remembering Him. Do not let your hearts grow hard toward Him. For verily, Allah has preferred His Book above all of Creation

 Indeed, Allah has endowed it with guidance to the best of deeds, and made it an example for the elect of His servants, and filled it with righteous discourse, and has made clear in it what is lawful and unlawful for you.

So, serve Allah alone, and associate with Him no other. Be ever conscious of Him. Be truthful to Allah in what you utter from your mouths. Let the Spirit of Allah be the source of love between you. Amen

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