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Posted on: June 22, 2014


Ramadan, the ninth month on Islamic calendar is the month of fasting for Muslims which ends with sightings of the crescent moon known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is believed that Quran is revealed to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) in Ramadan which has made it the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan Muslims are believed to be the guests of God. Therefore they don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and also they try to give up bad habits, and tighten friendship bonding with their kindness and generosity.

Ramadan remarkably raises people’s realization and brings peace and tolerance to society as those who fast feel spiritually lightened on the day of Eid.

A Muslim is required to show respect for others. So that others also follow him making the environment of society friendly. It is in Ramadan that Muslims show their humbleness generosity, kindness tolerance and good behavior more than in other months.

Family and community ties are building up in Muslims from different social, political and economic backgrounds come together for once to share in the blessings of this Holy month. The unity is seen everywhere, whether at the masjid or other gatherings especially at iftar time.

Moral: the essence of Islam is self discipline, peace and tolerance!


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I recently put up resources for Ramadan and while doing that I learned a lot about the 30-day holiday. Here is the link if you would like to share it with others:



Thank you so much 🙂 I’ll just visit the site you mentioned. Thanks again


Thank you, I am glad you are pleased since I knew very little about Ramadan. I wanted the information available to parents and professionals so they can demystify Ramadan and the religion. More understanding should reduce fear and discrimination. Islam and Muslims are gentle, peace-loving people – that is my takeaway. Again, thank you.


excellent work 🙂 congrats brother
May almighty reward for all this good work ameen


🙂 Allah by any name will reward.

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stay blessed. are you in Pakistan or elsewhere


I am in New Jersey.


fine. i went to NJ in 1999 in winter. snow covered everything then:) though its called garden city na but it was autumn. Boston looked so colorful in Autumn.


How nice! Jersey, like many other states, has a lot of snow sometimes. It is the Garden State and there is quite a lot of gardening that goes on in farms and many backyards. I love summer and fall because we can get fresh, non-GMO foods locally. Boston is very beautiful, a lovely place to visit and live. I was only there once in fall to give a training to professionals but I loved it. As a ‘thank you’ for the training they gave me a basket of treats and one was their locally produced maple syrup – delicious!

🙂 Peace and hugs!


though my visit was a pleasure trip and i stayed in US for 3 months only but luckily i visited Washington DC, NJ,NY, BOSTON, FLORIDA, LONG ISLAND, ROCK PORT. We attended a wedding on 1st January 2000 early morning in Rock port:) the bride and groom were their only with their priest. THEY WANTED TO MAKE THEIR MARRIAGE A HISTORY:) Ist day on new century. then i offered myself to be bride’s mother and my nephew who is a doctor in Boston and his wife represented groom’s people:) the other tourists also gathered and we made a good wedding show. we had a camera so we took the couple’s photos and then sent them afterwards:) I still have those pics with me:)


The wedding sounds like it was so beautiful! Traveling is so much fun and it really changes us, we grow beyond what we were before. ❤


very true. Nice knowing you Jackie Saulmon:) God bless you, amen


Wishing you and your family Ramadan Mubarak.


jazakAllah. wish you and your family very same 🙂 may Almighty shower His blessings upon you always ameen


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