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Me a kite—-
You have the string of affection
If loosen it with poise of love
Would then dangle with beat of breeze
If thou sloppily tighten this string
Will tumble down from the skies to ground;
If thy cord is strong then, beat each competitor
Endorse your devotion, vanish self in thy love
But, if thy cord of love weakens ever
Falling on any roof will split and ebb….

Razia Subhan

میں اک پتنگ
ترے پاس ڈور الفت کی
جو اعتمادِ محبت کی ڈِھیل دے اِسکو
تو پھر ہواؤں کی سنگت میں خوب لہراؤں
جو بے رُخی سے یہی ڈور کھینچ لے تو اگر
تو بامِ عرش سے پھر میں زمیں پہ آجاؤں
جو تیری ڈور ہو مضبوط،پھر تومیں ہر دم
ہر ایک مدِ مقابل کو مات دےجاؤں
بڑھاؤں مان ترا،جذبِ دل میں کھو جاؤں
مگر جو ڈورِ محبت ہوئی تری کمزور
تو پھر میں دُور
کسی چھت پہ
کٹ کے گر جاؤں۔۔۔



The Quran is a complete code of life and sent for all ages and for all human beings. It is so composed that in spite of changes in knowledge, outlook and approach through various times and ages, it outshines all learning and knowledge in all ages. It provides meanings and ideas that can satisfy the needs of everyone and every time.

Thus the Quran is for all; the learned as well as the ordinary common reader. To make it more clearly, we can compare Quran to an ocean.  The less learned like children, collect pebbles and sea shells from ocean. The Scholars and thinkers or pear divers, bring out from it the highest philosophy, wisdom and rules of perfect living.

The Quran teaches us that Islam does not deal with the personal life of a believer, but also covers the rules of social behavior. It is a complete code of life.

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