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I experienced different moods of Dubai like; The sand storm,  the drizzle, the dense fog, the heat, the cleanliness, the fashion, International brands, different cultures, the movies, the cruise, the dancing fountains, the global village, the security, the excellent management, tasted food, fruits and veggies of different countries. I enjoyed everything to the fullest but the gift I brought from there is painful and will take time to make me forget it J I got flu and chest congestion so much so that I had to cut short my visit and came back home. Not back home but straight to the family doctor from the airport. All through night I coughed with fever and body pain. I smile to myself when I hear my own husky sexy voice J I got so much love and care from my niece and daughter and their families. They did whatever they could to soothe my pain. I was treated like a princess or to say queen is better because of my ageJ I got so many precious gifts from them. To be honest it’s all part of adventure!

 I’m honored to have met my dear sister in law, my nephews and their families after 15 long years. They spent thousands of dollars just to meet me. I’m humbly grateful. I learnt that love is supreme and most powerful!


My mother used to enlighten me with   ethical stories at bed time. Those character building stories have left great impact on me.

Let me share one of those stories with you today 🙂 

Long time back, famine broke out in a country.  A rich charitable man distributed loaves of bread to children every day in his region. Every day the children gathered at the rich man’s house to get loaves of bread.

As soon as the servants brought out loaves, they fought among themselves and struggled hard to get them.

But one little orphan girl waited pa­tiently for her turn. But every time she got the smallest loaf last of all.

One day as usual, she got the smallest piece.

She went home and sat in a corner to eat it. As she cut it, her eyes gleamed with joy. She saw a gold coin in it. She went back at once to return it to the rich man.

The rich man was very delighted at her honesty. He gave her not only that coin, but two more gold coins for her honesty and some big loaves as reward of being patient and serene.

May we all learn and practice to be grateful for what we already have and be patient to wish and get our wishes realized, amen!


Patience brings its own reward.


Ramadan, the ninth month on Islamic calendar is the month of fasting for Muslims which ends with sightings of the crescent moon known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is believed that Quran is revealed to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) in Ramadan which has made it the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan Muslims are believed to be the guests of God. Therefore they don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and also they try to give up bad habits, and tighten friendship bonding with their kindness and generosity.

Ramadan remarkably raises people’s realization and brings peace and tolerance to society as those who fast feel spiritually lightened on the day of Eid.

A Muslim is required to show respect for others. So that others also follow him making the environment of society friendly. It is in Ramadan that Muslims show their humbleness generosity, kindness tolerance and good behavior more than in other months.

Family and community ties are building up in Muslims from different social, political and economic backgrounds come together for once to share in the blessings of this Holy month. The unity is seen everywhere, whether at the masjid or other gatherings especially at iftar time.

Moral: the essence of Islam is self discipline, peace and tolerance!


Bunti was known for his lavish eating since he was a child.

His yen for munching however grew more after he was wedded.

He woke up in the morning to nibble on something or the other until he slept at night. He ate when he went out and ate again when he come back home. He loved and lived for eating.


Both his mother and wife were worried for his craving for food.

Apart from of, what and when he ate, he always felt like he was starved.

One day his mother went to a nearby village to visit her friend.

Bunti’s wife prepared breakfast that was sufficient for, four normal grown-up persons.  But it was Bunti who finished the entire foodstuff all by himself leaving nothing for his wife.

Bunti asked his wife just after a short while to serve him lunch though it was not even noontime.

She was so much annoyed of cooking and serving all the time that she bluntly refused him.

Uptight wife: “I am sorry I just can’t cook and serve without a break. When getting married I thought I’ll have to prepare food for just two people, you and your mother. But now it seems that I have nothing to do but to cook and feed the empty pitcher with a hole. Whatever is poured in vanishes.”

“You are hungry all the time.  It’s better if you cook your self.” She said.

Bunti angrily: “I cooked last month don’t you remember! The result was the kitchen getting blazed. It might happen again if I cook now. The whole house may burn down along with the kitchen. Where will you reside then?”

The determined wife said: “May the kitchen is on fire or the house burn into ashes, I don’t care. I am not going to cook any more.”

Bunti flattering made her to cook.  Finally she cooked. Setting the table she sat beside him to eat also.

Bunti did not even offer her a crumb to eat. He ate up all leaving nothing for her.

His wife asked:  “Does it taste good?”

Bunti gobbling down: “Trying to speak with his mouth full—-ghoo—dd!  But there’s one problem.” Bunti swallowed one mouthful after the other.

Surprisingly she asked: “Problem? What is it?”

Bunti: “I won’t be able to satisfy my hunger because of the crowd on the table.”

The wife looking around in confusion and seeing nobody said:

“Bunti it’s just two of us only, on the table.”

Bunti: “That’s the problem. I wish it was I and the food only so I could fully satisfy my appetite.”

Deeply offended the wife said: To hell with you and your food, it’s a shame for me as well to eat a crumb here. I’m leaving your house.”

My Father (Babuji)

Being Railway employee Babuji was entitled to travel through out Pakistan free of cost even after retirement. He traveled mostly by train where ever he wanted to take a trip. He also traveled by sea when he went to Saudi Arab to perform hajj. But to travel by air was his first time. He was very simple honest and down to earth man with no complexes.
He was very concerned and worried that how he will board the plane when he can’t walk. Neither could he be convinced that a wheel chair can take him inside the plane.
However when my brother, I and Babuji got on board he was very excited just like a child. He got a seat beside the window and I sat next to him where as my brother sat some distance away.
Babuji was so fascinated by the lights, fan and the seat that he kept moving his seat forward and backward. He laughed himself at his childish actions. The other passengers also grinned and enjoyed watching him. He switched off and on the light button and turning the fan on either side, on his head above. Babuji had loud voice so he kept asking me childish questions about the plane, speed and altitude, time, fastening of the belt etc. The one most interesting question was, “see the huge waves, so white and beautiful” I was surprised so asked him where n how he can see the waves from so high up and far from the Arabian Sea. He got angry with me and loudly scolding me said” cant you see the waves outside the window?” I whispered in his ear that those were clouds in the sky not waves. But he wouldn’t believe me and insisted that those were big ocean waves. The children sitting in front seats burst out laughing at his remark.

He enjoyed the food he was served, just like a small child. Though he was not fond of eating more than his appetite and believed that not eating is not as harmful as eating too much. But in the plane he enjoyed every speck and morsel of food and all hot n cold drinks .The airhostess also enjoyed and served him happily. All the way Babuji kept talking and enjoying every moment throughout the flight. How ever he disliked the size of toilet. He said it was too small
My brother was happy that Babuji did not get bored.
No one cherished my endurance 
My sister in law had made delicious lunch for him. When she served sweet dish after lunch was over, Babuji got angry. He said that sweet dish must be served before not after. It has been proved that he was right.
Our servant Akbar was one of his kind too. He used to clap his hands and give a big smile before asking anything. Akbar did not to ride a bicycle but he always walked with it like walking with a dog when ever he went for buying anything. No matter how far he had to go or what to buy. He would go carrying his cycle not riding. He always returned when the guests left
On Akbar’s foolish gestures n behavior Babuji used to recite nonsense verse,
Insane in side, insane outside
Whom to be bothered of;
Insane servant insane every one
Whom to be bothered of
Akbar always smiled joyfully hearing this without knowing what it meant
Babuji sat all day under the shade of a tree. He loved to inhale oxygen till sunset. He knew that plants breathe out carbon dioxide in the evening.
He read newspaper there, offered namaz there, ate there, chatted with his friend there and got his haircut n shave there. What he was most interested to ask frequently was, time though he had his wrist watch with him. As soon as my brother stepped down his foot from his car in the afternoon Babuji called him asking what time it was. Though brother came from office at 1.30 p.m every day but Babuji had to ask time. Brother clenched his fists chew his teeth because he had no other option than to tell Babuji time. My husband was very smart in this regard. Whether he was reading newspaper or busy in something else he would always tell exact time like its 1.30 n 13 seconds. Obliged to my husband, Babuji sneered at my brother that how good was my husband who told him the exact time. My innocent father! I love you for your innocence.
I think I should end it up here requesting the readers to please pray for my father’s soul to rest in peace and forgive me. I just shared the innocence of him.

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