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Dignity of women

Posted on: August 18, 2015


A woman is a very unique, precious creation of Almighty. God made her delicate, fragile and beautiful like a flower. Even a slight heat wave of grief withers her blowing apart her like daisy, but, on the other hand she is patient and can endure the torturous labor pains to give birth to another human being. She is blend of love, brevity, endurance, hatred, judgment and sacrifice. She can do anything, everything. What she needs is respect and love. She is a mother.

Mother is most valued relation. Hence valued beings are to be taken especial care of. The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) respected women most. Precious things are covered and protected. That’s why women are preferred to pray separately and at home so no stranger sees their body movements or cast a bad eye on them. A woman only undresses herself before her husband only and that too in closed bedroom. Love making too is liked better in dark to avoid anyone else to see them. When a woman is so honored then why—————?

What can we women do? In life covering our body as much as possible but when the end comes like this A woman is naked in front of all Na Mehrams… (Strangers)
You know the dialysis without Fistula, for putting the IVP the patient’s lower body is exposed as it is usually done on the thigh……
If a lady has a heart related issue so in order to save life her upper body remains exposed, either for Angiography, Angioplasty or an open heart surgery? If she is goes towards a heart failure then for CPR, her chest is exposed……..
Think ladies wish that Female doctors should be there for the women so that their Hijab remains intact.
I am wonder about one thing, why do lady doctors leave the profession? Husbands are responsible……..or their domestic chores hold them back?

Girls should decide before taking up medical studies to be firm and dedicated to their profession to serve female patients in gynecology especially and if opt for specialization they should go for heart surgery  to respect self  and other women. Every field is open for women now but female doctors must take it seriously.

Everyone has his own perception. I don’t mean to offend anyone this is my personal  opinion.

13 Responses to "Dignity of women"

It is interesting to read your personal view of the role of women, mine would be quite different

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share your view please


Immorality, Sex Object, & Rampant Divorce – http://wp.me/p5sKku-1d

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We are equal but we are not the same – http://wp.me/p5sKku-u

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your write up is so thought provoking and enriching that it is to be read over and over again. Thank you for posting it

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Thats a really great great compliment my Lady.

Gratitude & Regards!!!

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love prayers and regards 🙂

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I need my eleders prayers
Shuqria !


I agree with you Ma’am. In a Muslim society covering ourselves is too important.

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Thank you Doctor Shafaq :)peace and blessings to you


well written Mrs.Rauf I agreed with your opinion and I always pray that Allah please dont open me infront of namehram…….but we shouldnt hesitant and request to call female technicians it is our right and they will.

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yeah you are right my friend
love you ❤


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