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A woman is a very unique, precious creation of Almighty. God made her delicate, fragile and beautiful like a flower. Even a slight heat wave of grief withers her blowing apart her like daisy, but, on the other hand she is patient and can endure the torturous labor pains to give birth to another human being. She is blend of love, brevity, endurance, hatred, judgment and sacrifice. She can do anything, everything. What she needs is respect and love. She is a mother.

Mother is most valued relation. Hence valued beings are to be taken especial care of. The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) respected women most. Precious things are covered and protected. That’s why women are preferred to pray separately and at home so no stranger sees their body movements or cast a bad eye on them. A woman only undresses herself before her husband only and that too in closed bedroom. Love making too is liked better in dark to avoid anyone else to see them. When a woman is so honored then why—————?

What can we women do? In life covering our body as much as possible but when the end comes like this A woman is naked in front of all Na Mehrams… (Strangers)
You know the dialysis without Fistula, for putting the IVP the patient’s lower body is exposed as it is usually done on the thigh……
If a lady has a heart related issue so in order to save life her upper body remains exposed, either for Angiography, Angioplasty or an open heart surgery? If she is goes towards a heart failure then for CPR, her chest is exposed……..
Think ladies wish that Female doctors should be there for the women so that their Hijab remains intact.
I am wonder about one thing, why do lady doctors leave the profession? Husbands are responsible……..or their domestic chores hold them back?

Girls should decide before taking up medical studies to be firm and dedicated to their profession to serve female patients in gynecology especially and if opt for specialization they should go for heart surgery  to respect self  and other women. Every field is open for women now but female doctors must take it seriously.

Everyone has his own perception. I don’t mean to offend anyone this is my personal  opinion.

A sahabi ( friend of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) came to him and complained of of hunger and distress.Just then, Muhammad (p.b.u.h) had nothing in hand or in his home to feed him. He asked his friends if anyone would keep him ass a guest for the night on his (p.b.u.h) behalf. one of his friends agreed willingly to be  the guests host.

He then took that person to his home and instructed his wife; “Look here, this man is guest of Muhammad (p.b.u.h). We will entertain him as best as we can and wont spare anything in doing so” The wife replied; “By Allah! I have got no food in the house, except a very little——something just enough for the children.”

The Ansari or the host said: “You put the children to sleep without feeding them, while I sit with the guest over the small meal. When we start eating, put out the lamp pretending to set it right, so that the guest may not get aware of my not sharing the meal with him. He didn’t partake at all of the food, though his hands and jaws seemed and felt working all right”

This sacrifice  is true and sincere love for others

The scheme worked out as planned. The whole family slept hungry to enable the gust to eat his fill. It was this incident that Almighty revealed the ayah


meaning; They prefer others above themselves, even though poverty become their lot. Surah Al-Hashr ayah 9


The true story touched my heart so deeply that I felt like sharing

A young Californian mother made the ultimate sacrifice for her newborn daughter when she refused lifesaving treatment for cancer.

Ashley Bridges was 10 months pregnant when she learned of her diagnosis. Doctors suggested her to start chemotherapy treatment immediately. It needed her baby to be terminated.

But Ashley refused to kill her healthy baby just because she was sick.

During her third trimester at eighth month Bridges was told that delaying treatment had allowed the cancer to spread.

“That’s basically when they told me that it was terminal.”  She said.

Bridges was told that needed to deliver Paisley immediately so she could start treatment.

Even with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she was given less than a year to live.

“I felt like I tried so hard to keep Paisley safe and do the minimum (treatment) to keep her healthy. The thought that I’m not going to see her grow up is really hard” a tearful Bridges said.

The 24 years Bridges has one 6 year old son. His exact words were, “If you pass away, I want to come with you” she recalled.

Her family and friends take care of Paisley during day and her fiancé who is in the military takes the night shift. None of them has second guessed her decision.  “She’s a real _life superhero to be honest” said Jessica, Bridge’s sister. Bridges too has no regrets. “May be I’m not supposed to be here and Paisley is” Bridges said of Paisley

Its mother’s unconditional love for her baby

Taken from Yahoo news





Allah created everything in pairs like 4 seasons, man and woman, darkness and light etc. to distinguish, identify and understand their impact on human life. Though they all have basic elements yet their appearance, feel and effect vary.

What true love is, I would like to enlighten you with its rival i.e. the lust ——-?

The true love is to give, sacrifice and surrender while the lust is to get, to capture and to possess—–

Lust is fire that afire others’ needs to please own richness

Lust is desirous of seizing power, status, chattels and all physical worldly attractions through fair and unfair means.

But love is peace, serene and harmony.

Love, peace serenity and harmony are qualities a human being is instilled, in mother’s womb.

But ways of life develop and change with location and situation. Satan is born to misguide. Hence he’s playing his part honestly.

Allah is love. Being His best creation we have the same qualities of Him. Like a drop of water is worthless but when in ocean, it smoothly flows or furious accordingly.  As a poet said; “ mauj hay derya mai aur bayrun –e – dunya kuch nai” ( meansing; waves have no value  outside river)

But the same drop of water is life giving to the cactii in desert.

A drop of water becomes a pearl when an oyster enclose  it in its womb.

So if a man does a small act of kindness, his latent ability of being human emerges and affects positively not only himself but people around him.

As flowers bloom in spring due to rain, weather beautifying the atmosphere and affects the mood and behavior pleasingly so contiguous acts of gentleness changes human to humane thus true love is nurtured step by step and genuinely.

Consequently a human being transforms into pious trustworthy and upright man.

Prophets were designed as such, as they were assigned great responsibility to preach the message of brotherhood and compassion. But saints and aulias, dervish groomed themselves with rigorous practice of being self-sacrificing to become true lovers of Allah.

Hazrat Amir Khusro was greatly inspired by Hazrat NIzamuddin.  He was intoxicated in love of NIzamuddin Aulia.  So much so that he cited, “You’ve taken away my looks, my identity, by just a glance. By making me drink the wine of love-potion. I have come and fallen at your door step, for you to safeguard my pride, my dignity. You are my man, Oh beloved of Almighty; Dye me in your hue.

Maulana Rumi. It was his meeting with the dervish Shams-e Tabriz that completely changed his life. From an accomplished teacher and jurist, Rumi was transformed into an ascetic.

RUMI is concerned with the spiritual evolution of a human being:

*Man not conscious of God is akin to an animal and true consciousness makes him divine

*Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.

*The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries

* “In Turkish culture,” he said, “Sufism has always provided the religious justification for the fine arts. It is like the sea and a boat: one cannot exist without the other. ”

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