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Posted on: April 27, 2015

11643_176745566931_8316683_n (1)With P732bda8e6cde0e3d51879825a2f6b388rime Minister of Nepal Mr. Munmohan Adhaikari (late)

I have the honor to step on the land of mountains the Nepal. the airport of Kathmandu is not very big so very professional pilots fly and land there. When the plane lands safely the passengers applaud the pilot with non stop cheers and clapping. It’s breathtaking to see the gigantic Himalaya range from the plane’s window.

I went there to represent my beloved country Pakistan to attend SAARC Teachers’ Conference in 1993

( South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC) is an economic and political organization of eight countries in Southern Asia)

The people of Nepal are very friendly cooperating and simple. Nepal is a beautiful picturesque. We went to almost all sight seeing places and enjoyed. I bought gold rings for my daughter. It was amazing to see that the jewelry was made in three metals like gold, silver and copper. all metals could be seen and identified. The Prime Minister invites all delegates from SAARC countries in his official house. he enjoyed tea and refreshments with us. he was very simple and easy to talk to. I got his autograph too in my diary. I have very good memories of Nepal.

We feel very upset and depressed to see Nepal in earthquake and its after disastrous effects. We pray for the innocent people who lost their lives and for them also who lost their property. Our best and cordial prayers to endure the great loss. I find no words to express my true feelings. Love you our Nepali friends

We have been through this unbearable agony and natural disaster in 2005 so are well aware how it feels 😦

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Thank you for reblogging 🙂 peace and love 🙂


All my sympathy to the people of Nepal.

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Thank you Tanveer. Praying for the people of Nepal.

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May Almighty forgive us and bless us all on this planet earth and everywhere where life exists in the universe. It is said that He is Lord of all the worlds, amen

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From the images of television are seen truly apocalyptic scenarios. Death and destruction the earthquake hit in every corner. I do not know this country but I’ve heard good things.

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Its a beautiful country having interest for travelers especially nature loving people. its surrounded by mountains. I’m forgetting the name of the peak of mountain where the first ray of sun when falls on it, it looks like gold spreading on peak. its amazing and picturesque scene to watch. There so much mica there spread on roads and air that people wear masks while hiking or trekking

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The earthquake was a great human and cultural tragedy.

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I’m sure you do understand some of the depth of suffering the people of Nepal have been going through – and today, I believe, there was another earthquake there. I have always wanted to travel to the area and I doubt if I will get there, but I enjoyed your description above of the shining peak in the morning and all the mica. Be well, and thank you for the follow, I appreciate it.

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I’m so thankful to you for dropping by and reading and your kind comments and feelings about the poor Nepalis. may God give them patience to bear the great loss of life and property


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