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Allah's anger

If the cause of earthquake is corruption

As quoted by political and pious persons

Poor are deceptive, wealthy are even more

Why thence wealthy are not punished more

11643_176745566931_8316683_n (1)With P732bda8e6cde0e3d51879825a2f6b388rime Minister of Nepal Mr. Munmohan Adhaikari (late)

I have the honor to step on the land of mountains the Nepal. the airport of Kathmandu is not very big so very professional pilots fly and land there. When the plane lands safely the passengers applaud the pilot with non stop cheers and clapping. It’s breathtaking to see the gigantic Himalaya range from the plane’s window.

I went there to represent my beloved country Pakistan to attend SAARC Teachers’ Conference in 1993

( South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC) is an economic and political organization of eight countries in Southern Asia)

The people of Nepal are very friendly cooperating and simple. Nepal is a beautiful picturesque. We went to almost all sight seeing places and enjoyed. I bought gold rings for my daughter. It was amazing to see that the jewelry was made in three metals like gold, silver and copper. all metals could be seen and identified. The Prime Minister invites all delegates from SAARC countries in his official house. he enjoyed tea and refreshments with us. he was very simple and easy to talk to. I got his autograph too in my diary. I have very good memories of Nepal.

We feel very upset and depressed to see Nepal in earthquake and its after disastrous effects. We pray for the innocent people who lost their lives and for them also who lost their property. Our best and cordial prayers to endure the great loss. I find no words to express my true feelings. Love you our Nepali friends

We have been through this unbearable agony and natural disaster in 2005 so are well aware how it feels 😦

It’s good, they died—–
If they lived, what would they see?
—burning hunger?
—rising poverty?
—homicide everywhere?
–putrefying dead bodies?
dignity and pride being disgraced?
It’s good they died!
If, lived, what would they see?
Immoral and callous conduct
helplessness and despair
inhumanity, hurting humanity
corruption and agitating?
Blessed, not seeing, this
It’s good, they died
If, lived, what would they see?


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How can I forget it all  

Those children————–

Who making crown of flowers, gave

Everyone to adorn their hair;

Those traveling blissful people

Enjoyed beautiful picturesque air;

That sight and the scene I face now!

How can I forget?

How can I forget them?

The ones who adorned

My head, with crown of flora;

How can I forget them?

The ones who helped me pull out

 My car from the ditch in foggy night,

Fed me and my daughter with food

And wrapped my mother with a shawl;

But now——-!

What I see is nothing but debris

All ruined by earthquake

How can I forget them?


 The one———-

Who had come there,

 To bestow upon me,

All that he had, —-but

As the earthquake shocked,

He swindling me,

Stole the treasures I had,

My piety, pride, vanity, dignity

 Looting all,  he left———– 



Noor means radiance. Can we see colors, rain, rainbow, flowers, and beauty of nature or the disaster of nature in its absence? No, we simply can’t.

Though Light has no figure but it gives form and color to everything that exists around us; in the sky, on the sky, in the depths of the oceans—–everywhere.

Noor Muhammad is like light. He portrays his heart felt experiences, good and aching, through his teaching, paintings, poetry, stories and calligraphy.

We too, see everything, but being not as sensitive, kindhearted, keen observer, creative and expressive like him, ignore and just pass by. He is a multifaceted humane human. He probes and picks the deep-seated ailments which are disregarded generally.

I am grateful to Majid, who introduced Noor to me through his books and brochure.  I had not known or heard of Noor before. But as I started reading his books Kachokay (pricks) his ardent observation of human nature started to unfolding.

I never read such a book earlier. It did prick me sharply. Honestly I felt ashamed of myself for being so unaware of the wounds that bleed that are caused by us, the society.

The second book is based on the tragedies of dreadful earthquake of 2005 in Kashmir and northern areas of Pakistan. Northern areas of Pakistan were known to be charismatically beautiful natural beauty. Breathtaking picturesque charm allured the tourists and the natives before October 2005. But it was brutally spoiled by the after effects of the earthquake.

Noor has very skillfully portrayed all in his poetry and paintings.

I translated some of his verses into English. And feel great pleasure that they are equally appreciated nationally and internationally.

He is diabetic. Got his toe mutilated in Liaquat National Hospital recently. I have not met him or seen him, but they way he talks to me on the phone are very cultured. May he live a long healthy life to enable us, to wipe tears of the ailing by his intuitive skillfulness?

to be continued


Those who watch from beyond,

How can they be aware of?

What the earth has gone through;

Those who live on the earth

Can’t share;   woe they gone through

Between day and yesterday;

The ones living today

Can only realize,

The strength of earthquake

Town’s shards, friends’ parting;

Those who watch from beyond

How can they be aware of?

How bad smell emits,

From the mutilated corpses;

How can children sleep with no roof?

What the anguish of hunger is;

Why a child is grumpy,

Slipping away, from a lap?

Those who watch from beyond,

How can they be aware of?

 Of someone’s, all buried alive,

How does he hang around?

earthquake 2005  


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