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Alhamdulillah !

Posted on: July 5, 2015

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A blind desires to see the world

A dumb man desires to talk

A deaf man desires to hear

You can see, walk, talk and hear

What holds you then to thank God?

One of the great blessings of Allah;

That he made you a complete man

Then why is it that you don’t say

Alhamdulillah! All praise is to Allah

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All praise is to Allah the Almighty

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Thank God the Almighty!

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Amen, Ameyn I say to your wonderful words! Everyday I awake and am grateful for the miracle of a gift of another day! Love and Blessings to you my friend! 🙂 x

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Alhamdulillah. Beautiful reminder 🙂


ماشااللّہ آپ بھت خبصورت لکھتی ھين ھم فارسی مين کھتے ھين
اگر تو می خوائ کے باشی خوش نويس
می نويس می نويس تو می نويس

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boht khoob, samjh tu nahi aaya magr jaanti hoon k aap ne boht acha likha ha 🙂 ❤

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شعری فارسی مين کے قلم کی طاقتب سب سے زيادھ ھے ، thank you it’s alwys nice to see good moral writing from Pakistan. Very few Pakistanis are into writing and it makes me proud to see individuals like yourself. Thanks

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jazakAllah my dear ❤ wish you health emaan and bright blessings ameen

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