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Hakim  Muhammad Said

 9th January 1920 is a hall mark in the history of subcontinent.  A great man was born inDelhiIndia.

A lot has been read, written and spoken about shaheed Hakim Muhammad Said locally, nationally internationally at all levels and   on all forums. There was not one single quality of a good human being that hakim sahib did not comprise of.

I saw him for the first time inHamdardPublic Schoolin 1991 on his birthday celebration.  He was tall, fair with straight posture dressed in white sherwani, smiling face and with brows of a shrewd man. I liked him.

Time passed swiftly. It was his routine to pay a visit to school every Wednesday morning and greet children when they got down their buses. He used to tell a story with a moral in the assembly which children enjoyed and waited anxiously to listen to. Often he would board any bus carrying Hamdard school children just to check personally if every child got a seat.

If the window panes were there fitted properly. The vehicle was in proper running condition and conductor was there to look after children.

The teaching staff was facilitated to travel free. Hakim sahib had great respect for teachers.

Hakim sahib often used to sit on the pavement with primary class children to share jokes and chat with them and get know how about their studies. Children loved him dearly.

Once he came to school other than Wednesday. Children were having a party after their exams. Hakim sahib joined the party joyfully. I gave him a plate and a spoon to eat something. He didn’t take anything. Children were so happy that hakim sahib was having party with them that they didn’t ask him to take anything. So I offered to put anything he likes in his plate but——- he told me quietly that he was fasting. He also asked me not to disclose it otherwise children will stop eating too. He kept pretending throughout to be eating. Oh my God! How much he loved and cared for children.

Photographer Mr.Afzal always accompanied him as hakim sahib loved everything to be saved and recorded. Once I said to him that hakim sahib you have been photographed with almost all kings, queens, presidents and the leading dignitaries of the world. It’s an honor though but why don’t you get photographed yourself unnoticed with children who are so honest and pure in their feeling of love and respect for you. He agreed.

Next time when he came he brought his personal camera which he gave to me and asked to take photos. Believe you me dear reader that it was fun to take photos of that scenario. Children unaware of being photographed gathered around him sat with him, talked to him laughed with him touched him shook hands with him and did what ever they liked. It was such enriching experience for us all and also for hakim sahib.

As a Governor of Sindh he was to pay a formal visit to his own school. A bed of rose petals was laid for him to walk on. I just can’t bear flowers specially roses to be crushed under feet so I quietly requested him not to walk on the petals but walk alongside. It can be seen in one of prospectus of school that he walked beside but did not step on the petals. This was his character. I was only an employee but he honored my request.

There is so much to say about him. He was the man of the century.

The news of his martyrdom was heart breaking. Phone calls poured in to confirm. None of us wanted to believe it——— but— it was trueL

When we went to his funeral I saw him lay straight like all bodies that die, but what surprised me was a small triangle of radiance on his forehead between his brows and a little up.  It was utter signal from heavens that he was innocent and that he WAS a shaheed. He was pious, honest, dedicated and a practicing Muslim. He was fasting that day when he was martyred.

He had selected his place for his grave just 2, 3 days before he was killed. He knew it.

My heart never ached as much as for him, more than it ached on my father’s demise. My father was just my father but hakim sahib was father of generations.

I am very thankful to the killers who helped him attain the title of shaheed. Every living being is mortal and has to pass away. Hakim sahib was in his 70’s so how long would he live a physical life more? May be up to the age of 100 years, then pass away!

As Muslims we believe that shaheed never dies.  It is said in Quran that, we do not know but shaheed is fed and is living.

All my warm deep and heart felt best wishes for his soul to rest in the best of best heavens above. Amen ameen ameen

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