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They cannot invade a heart

Those who can’t give respect;

A woman, not a property

She is not to be distributed

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This question clearly defines the importance of veiling. A person falls in love at first sight means that either he was charmed by hair, facial beauty, physical appearance or voice of the lady. But definitely something he sighted!

Hence there has to be an object to like or love. Without seeing no one would ever like or buy anything. One can buy at any cost if heard of the value and beauty from a very trusted friend otherwise never ever would throw away his money.

As it is said that, “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

That thing may not appeal every one or any once else accept the one, who falls in love with that. Like Majoon fell in love with Laila who was black like coal. No one liked her but Majoon fell in love with her so much so that he could see her everywhere, sleeping or awake. He was completely lost in her love. This is a love story that ended with their deaths like most of such love stories.

It means one must see to fall in love. A blind man falls in love not by seeing but by liking the sweet voice and way of talking. In short there must be something seen or heard or felt to fall in love. He might not see the rain but feels the ambiance the moisture etc. so there must be SOMETHING to charm the lover.

We have not seen God but we love him. Why? Because He is seen and experienced in everything that exists all around.

All this detail is to prove that importance of veiling. A woman is precious like treasure so need to be properly hidden, covered and saved to avoid the lusty sexy seeing of her or be cheated, stolen and misused.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that, hair release waves that attract opposite sex, so does sweat. Long hair of Samson is good example. Samson’s long hair had strength and manly power that attracted Delilah.

Thus a woman is protected, regarded respected if she covers her hair and body. All fashions, dressing, makeup is for her husband to charm him. A woman is the queen of the house. Innumerable breakups can be avoided if a wife remains home or if has to go out, must dress up and cover her in such a way that anyone who casts eye on her respects her.  Scared and holy books are covered with velvet satin or leather to save them from dirt, weather and to ensure their longevity.

Sexual abuse and harassment will minimize if women are taken care of respectfully and lovingly. They are lovely, fragile and precious. Value them.


Listen to the broken heart’s veiled sadness

I’m silent! Listen to the voice of my silence

Do listen to the sheen‘s rhythm in darkness!


Me a kite—-
You have the string of affection
If loosen it with poise of love
Would then dangle with beat of breeze
If thou sloppily tighten this string
Will tumble down from the skies to ground;
If thy cord is strong then, beat each competitor
Endorse your devotion, vanish self in thy love
But, if thy cord of love weakens ever
Falling on any roof will split and ebb….

Razia Subhan

میں اک پتنگ
ترے پاس ڈور الفت کی
جو اعتمادِ محبت کی ڈِھیل دے اِسکو
تو پھر ہواؤں کی سنگت میں خوب لہراؤں
جو بے رُخی سے یہی ڈور کھینچ لے تو اگر
تو بامِ عرش سے پھر میں زمیں پہ آجاؤں
جو تیری ڈور ہو مضبوط،پھر تومیں ہر دم
ہر ایک مدِ مقابل کو مات دےجاؤں
بڑھاؤں مان ترا،جذبِ دل میں کھو جاؤں
مگر جو ڈورِ محبت ہوئی تری کمزور
تو پھر میں دُور
کسی چھت پہ
کٹ کے گر جاؤں۔۔۔

say something

say something

Say something, for tears rip,
Silence breaks tolerance!

kuch tu bolo kay ashk thum jaien
Khamoshi zabt tor deti ha——

Urdu by Razia Subhan




Mother is the one, who’s variant
Affectation have I sighted,
For a while she’s cool shade,
At times she’s akin to sunlight;
From her, learnt the art of living
Her modesty unfurled the ways;
Her honest pearls like words
Enthralled one and all;
Her heart in bosom pure as oyster
Gives pearls, when its blight;
I witness deep wounds she has
Yet she rows life’s boat serenely;
Though after her, life’s desolate
I’ll lighten my heart of her memories;
Time we spent in harmony, with you
O’ mother! Enlighten my liveliness
May Allah be pleased with you—

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

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