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The melodious songs I created in thy love

Placed them for public in bazaar in thy love

Today they’ll be auctioned openly in store

The lyrics you had once cast a look of allure

Everything be weighed today in silver scale

My acumen, poetry, stance be mused in scale

The loving poetry I had composed in your love

Poverty bound thy love, to be a product; not love

Hunger has tainted your love in exchange of need

To pacify hunger and to collect my things of need

In this mortal theatre of war of labor and wealth

I can’t keep with me my poetry and insight wealth

Your glamour may be of an affluent man’s legacy

Your sketches I made are not anymore is my legacy


 Sahir Ludhianvi 

mai.n ne jo giit tere pyaar kii Khaatir likkhe 
aaj un giito.n ko baazaar me.n le aayaa huu.N

aaj dukaan pe niilaam uThegaa un kaa 
tuune jin giito.n pe rakkhii thii muhabbat kii asaas 

aaj un giito.n ko baazaar me.n le aayaa huu.N 
mai.n ne jo giit tere pyaar kii Khaatir likkhe

aaj chaa.Ndii kii taraazuu me.n tulegii har chiiz 
mere afakaar merii shaayarii meraa ehasaas

dekh is arsaagah-e-mehanat-o-sarmaayaa me.n 
mere naGme.n bhii mere paas nahii.n rah sakate 

tere jalve kisii zaradaar kii miiraas sahii 
tere Khaake bhii mere paas nahii.n rah sakate

Allah's anger

If the cause of earthquake is corruption

As quoted by political and pious persons

Poor are deceptive, wealthy are even more

Why thence wealthy are not punished more


Long long ago there lived a very rich man. He was so rich that he could easily afford to feed all the people of his town. The man was very proud of his wealth and thus boasted his luxurious life to his friends and relatives.

The rich man’s son studied in a far off land. Once, when his son came home on vacation, his father wanted to make his realize that how rich his father is. However his son was not fond of classy living.

The rich man planned a visit with his to the town just to prove that how well-to-do they are and how deprived other people were.

Having visited the town in a deluxe chariot, both father and son came home after two days.

The father was happy to see his son quiet during the visit seeing the sufferings of poverty and ailment. Father proudly asked his son;” Dear son, did you enjoy the trip?”

The son replied; “yes father for showing me that how rich those people are and how poor are we.”

The rich father was stunned to hear his son’s words. He was speechless.

The son started again saying, “Father true wealth is not money and property we have. It is more about friendship, relationship and compassion we share with them.”

Moral: Life and love is  true wealth and more important than lifeless wealth

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