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Why have you been constantly smiling?

What’s the despair that you are veiling?

Having wet eyes and a smile on your face

What’s fact that you’re showing on the face?

The tears you sustain now with such patience

Will turn into venom if bear so much patience

Time has healed your wounds with resilience

Why are you scratching those with touchiness?

Destiny is the game of unreliable phase of life

You’re being beaten by the passing time of life
tum itnā jo muskurā rahe ho

kyā ġham hai jis ko chhupā rahe ho

āñkhoñ meñ namī hañsī laboñ par

kyā haal hai kyā dikhā rahe ho

ban jā.eñge zahr piite piite

ye ashk jo piite jā rahe ho

jin zaḳhmoñ ko vaqt bhar chalā hai

tum kyuuñ unheñ chheḌe jā rahe ho

rekhāoñ kā khel hai muqaddar

rekhāoñ se maat khā rahe ho

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What is love at first sight

This question clearly defines the importance of veiling. A person who falls in love means either he was charmed by the hair, facial beauty, physical appearance, or voice. But something he sighted!

Hence there has to be an object to like or love. One can buy at any cost if heard of the value and beauty from a very trusted friend or never would throw away his money.

It is said, “beauty lies in the eyes of be-holder!”

It means one must see to fall in love. A blind man falls in love not by seeing but by liking the sweet voice and way of talking. In short, there must be something seen or heard or felt to fall in love. He might not see the rain but feels the fragrant cool and pleasant ambiance.  There must be SOMETHING to charm the lover.

We have not seen God,  love him. Why? Because He is seen and experienced in everything that exists all around.

A woman is precious and needs to be taken care of , covered, and saved to avoid the lusty sexy seeing of her or be cheated, stolen, and misused.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that hair release waves that attract the opposite sex, so does sweat. The long hair of Samson is a good example. Samson’s long hair had the strength and manly power that attracted Delilah.

Thus a woman is protected, regarded respected if she covers her hair and body. All fashions, dressing, makeup is for her husband to charm him. A woman is the queen of the house. A  wife dresses up a way that no one who casts an eye on her respects her. Sacred and holy books are covered with velvet satin or leather to save them from dirt, weather and to ensure their longevity.

Sexual abuse and harassment will minimize if women are taken care of respectfully and lovingly. They are lovely, fragile, and precious. Value them.

David was a sailor.

He came to see his parents after two years. He fell in love with an African girl Sheila. She was black as coal but very charming. David fell in love with her so much so that he could see her everywhere, sleeping or awake. He lost in love. It is a love story that ended with their deaths like most such love stories.

David  used to pass through the boulevard every day to catch a sight of her.

Sometimes when watering the plants.  David stood at a standstill to watch her. Gradually they became friends.

They went for long walks.

Love grew passionate with every passing day.

David played a mouth organ for her.

Sheila enjoyed listening to tunes, sitting under a beech tree.

The birds and rabbits jumped and chirped around them. David and Sheila became used to each other’s company. They could never think of parting away.   Sheila’s long thick black hair and her smooth skin captivated David. Their parents knew about their affair.  With mutual consent, their marriage was in Spring when David came on his annual leave.

David went to join his duty with a heavy heart leaving Sheila for one year.

Sheila learned music and belly dance.

She danced with her eyes closed. It was July 1861. David was to come in the first week of August to marry his love. Everything went smoothly. Sheila waited anxiously for the big day.

It was the 3rd of August.

Sheila was playing with her Russian puppy. It started drizzling from drizzling to rain and growing furious and turned into a thunderstorm.  Nobody was ready for that dangerous situation.

Old trees uprooted. The strong wind and heavy rain smashed and broke everything crossed.

David was on the way on leave from his work to get married.

The situation grew worse the cyclone devastated life and property. Sheila’s house was old too. The walls fell on the family. They all died except Sheila. Sheila was hurt with her legs broken. She was half-conscious.

The rain stopped and all injured were taken to hospitals. David went to see his beloved in the hospital. Sheila’s beautiful face scarred, her limbs fractured. It was a heart-wrenching sight for both of them. Shelia’s parents lost their lives.

Shelia was rigorously wounded and broken. A week after Sheila passed away. David could not accept to see his love pass away. He got a brain hemorrhage. After three days in the hospital, he quietly breathed his last.

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