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Whatever’s in skies and worlds belongs to Allah

All that’s in oceans, mountains, and high peaks

All that’s open, all that’s veiled and metaphors

All that’s in illusion and delusion or metaphors

Whatever is existent or fantasy belongs to Allah

All that’s in virtues and values, beliefs and stories

All that’s in silence and in the peacefulness of deserts

All that’s in the air, in the epochs; belongs to Allah

Whatever revealed whatever is hidden is, Allah

For us, Allah’s love is worship and blessings of Allah

Ramzan enriched blessings and rewards of Allah


A talk of colors, a talk about colors

 Has unlocked the universe of colors

 Razia endorsed the worth of colors

With her verse; the verve of colors,


Far from the dwelling, in I live nowhere

Being on the ground, I live in the skies

Who hath the power of the universe?

Peacefully I cherish in His shielding

You’re yearning to know heart’s ease

I don’t know which land I dwell in— 

Words are spread out on every page

I dwell in every unsighted love story

All efforts are void to captivate love

I’m out of reach, dwell in far off land

Free from care of every yen and desire,



Life was at its best long before

Like memory of faithless links,

Lilies bloomed in the sunshine

Like the lovely face of beloved;


Life danced jovially all through

Were friendly with world around,

Where lamps of desires light up

Was the entertaining ambiance?


In the bowl of universe, my dear

We were the ambassador of change,

There’s not any everlasting shelter

We surrendered before body and soul;


We all are in debt of smiling

Every soul has to pay this debt;

Have to collect pieces ourselves

Have to be swindled all through;


I wish to share with you about

Signs of dreams, have strewn,

In the ocean of feelings, are

Crucifixes put on the streets;


We have to pay our gratitude,

Have to carry the yoke of life;


Shaista Mufti







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