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The remaining others pretended to be in deep sorrow too. They banged their heads to show their unbearable grief.

Hazrat Yaqoob waited for the details with tears running down.

The men started again: “Since Yousaf was at a tender age so we made him sit under the tree with baggage. We then started to play away from that place.

When we came back after the game was over there was no Yousaf. Yousaf was missing. We looked around to find him but failed. One of us saw his blood stained and torn shirt at a distance. We suppose that a wolf might have eaten him.”

Hazrat Yaqoob knew very well that they were telling a fake story.

They all were very jealous of Yousaf.    Hazrat Yaqoob adored Yousaf because he was a very obedient and caring boy.  So the step brothers envied him. They always tried to harm Yousaf in one or the other way.

Hazrat Yaqoob spent time mostly in remembering and weeping for his lost son Yousaf.

A caravan was passing through that forest.  Searching for water they came near the well where Yousaf was. The travelers were thrilled to see the well.

They lowered the bucket in the well to get water. But when the bucket came up a beautiful scared boy clung to the bucket. Every body was amazed to see him. They took him along with them to Egypt. Buying and selling of poor people as slaves was common practice of that era.

Yousaf was sold to a rich noble man Fauti.

Fauti’s wife Zulekha was a very beautiful lady. She fell in love with handsome Yousaf. She tried all possible ways to attract him towards her. But Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) was a very pious and honest man.

Hazrat Yousaf (peace is upon him) too was a prophet of Allah.

He did not give any attention to Zulekha’s tempting messages.

She felt insulted to find a slave disobeying her. She belittled Yousaf. She made false blames against him. She scared him of severe punishment if he didn’t agree to follow her advice.

Hazrat Yousaf was just a slave. He could not clarify his position against his mistress. So Hazrat Yousaf was put in jail.




Like many prophets Hazrat Uzair also belonged to ban-i- Israil. He was well read scholar of Hazrat Musa’s Tora’at. Tora’at was the book revealed to Hazrat Musa by Allah.

Hazrat Uzair was a farmer. It was a y. He set out for his fields on his donkey. He reached a place at noon which was deserted.

There were few broken down and damaged buildings but no life form around.

He decided to eat and rest in a vacant broken down house in the area.

He had two baskets. One had food for his donkey and one had foodstuff for himself. He unloaded the baskets and fed the donkey.

Then he took out grapes and dried bread from his basket. He crushed the grapes to take out juice. Then he put dried pieces of bread in the grape juice to soften before he ate the. He lay down and rested until the bread softened.

The walls of the house where he lay had fallen and roof was almost half broken. He lay under the shade of a broken wall. He looked around and thought that some one must have lived in that house. Life would have been beautiful then. People must have led a happy life. But now there is no one to be seen. People died and houses fallen and everything finished.

The condition of the place was very bad. It seemed a very long time since any one lived there.  Even the bones of the dead human beings and animals decayed.

But Hazrat Uzair knew that all dead will be brought to life again on dooms day. He imagined that how will the dead come to life again. What an amazing scene will it be? He believed that nothing is impossible for Almighty Allah. He kept thinking all that and praising Allah.

Allah knows us in and out. So Allah sent an angel of death who took away Hazrat Uzair’s life. Hazrat Uzair died.

After one hundred years Allah sent an angel again.




After killing the camel the scoundrels decided to murder Hazrat Sualeh too. Being the messenger of Allah, Hazrat Sualeh came to know before so he said: “I dreaded of this would happen. Now you wait for the disaster. You will be destroyed in 3 days time.”

So lightening and thunder ruined the Samoodians just in one night.  This disaster is example for all till the dooms day. Hazrat Sualeh and his one hundred and twenty followers who believed in Allah remained safe from the calamity. Fifteen hundred families died of the thunder and lightning.

Moral: Al-mighty Allah is the creator. All praise is to Allah. One can achieve success only if obeys Allah. Disobedience and mistrusting His messengers leads to disaster only.

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