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A little space of sky is enough if gotten

A single breath is just enough if gotten

 Looked for him here and there but failed

he’s like puff of air nowhere to be found

Eyes are  dry as if they never had  tears

Weather is so dry that eyes do not get wet

There was a mob when started traveling

Reaching destination, was no companion

After wandering l came to the conclusion

The relief I get in home has no comparison

Everyone does need a safe haven Anwar

But there ought to be ground to step on


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How can I forget it all  

Those children————–

Who making crown of flowers, gave

Everyone to adorn their hair;

Those traveling blissful people

Enjoyed beautiful picturesque air;

That sight and the scene I face now!

How can I forget?

How can I forget them?

The ones who adorned

My head, with crown of flora;

How can I forget them?

The ones who helped me pull out

 My car from the ditch in foggy night,

Fed me and my daughter with food

And wrapped my mother with a shawl;

But now——-!

What I see is nothing but debris

All ruined by earthquake

How can I forget them?






Kulsoom’s mother said to her, “You played the flute, so well Kulsoom.  Will you please, play it again for us?”

Smiling shyly, Kulsoom replied, “Come on, mother, you also make fun of me.”

Kulsoom was unaware, of her mother’s agony. She didn’t know that her mother veiled her tears, in her smile. She was, going through the ghastly, period of her life. She was so helpless.  Since Kulsoom, was already, engaged to Dada.   Her mother desired that her daughter, get married, and go to her husband’s. She thought she’ll be safe there.  She couldn’t think of, any other, better way, than this.

Dadi remained absolutely normal, for days, having no influence of jinns. It seemed, as if nothing odd, ever happened. She behaved normal with everyone. Chatted, laughed, played and enjoyed life with her sisters and friends. Everyone felt relief. Living looked attractive again. Rain and rainbow filled hearts with joy again.

So let your light guide you,

Look up at the rain,

For the clouds will fly by you,

You will feel the sun again.

Sometimes, she changed to a weird being again. She acted stubborn, inflexible, and rude, unlike her temperament with everyone who came across.

She was under treatment of a spiritual healer. The treatment proved fruitful. So she was married and sent with Dada. She never experienced anything like before, after marriage. Her marriage proved the best and permanent remedy.

Kulsoom’s parents told every minute detail about Kulsoom, to her husband. So her husband, (Dada) took great care of her. He used to say jokingly that, “no, jinn will ever bother Kulsoom, as she’s under the influence of greater jinn now!”  They both led a happy married life. She was a caring and loving wife.

Whenever dada discussed the interactions of jinns, with her, she left that place. If anyone asked her, about it, she would just give a sweet smile avoiding to share.

Actually, she was afraid, so avoided to talk about it. She was a very decent lady.

She loved her husband dearly. She gave birth to a son, Furqan’s father. Dadi passed away, to rest in heaven eternally. Furqan was raised by his father.

Furqan’s father was a civil servant. He was a busy man, always traveling.

Furqan was only a teenager of 14, 15 years of age, when his dada passed away. It was a great, unbearable loss for Furqan. Furqan felt like a wretched orphan, after his dada’s demise.  He was more close to his dada than his father.

The train was moving at very high speed. Station after station passed by swiftly, getting closer to Lahore.

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