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1- āfāq se ustād-e-yagāna uThā

mazmūñ ke javāhar kā ḳhazāna uTThā

insāf kā nauha hai ye bālā-e-zamīñ

sartāj-e-fasīhān-e-zamāna uThā


A unique noble mentor passed away

A treasure of wisdom passed away

It’s indeed melancholy for this world

A genuine precious guru passed away

2- is bazm ko jannat se jo ḳhush paate haiñ

rizvāñ liye gul-dasta-e-nūr aate haiñ

kyā sahn hai gulshan-e-azā-e-shabbīr

paanī yahāñ ḳhizr aa ke chhiḌak jaate haiñ


More bliss is herein this party than paradise

Bouquets brought here by janitor of paradise

What a serene murky courtyard of Shabbir

To tranquil; water’s sprinkled here by Khizr

3- parvāne ko dhun sham.a ko lau terī hai

aalam meñ har ek ko tag-o-dau terī hai

misbāh o nujūm āftāb o mahtāb

jis nuur ko dekhtā huuñ zau terī hai


Radiance of candle and moth’s devotion

Is everyone’s passion for your motivation

The lustrous bodies, the sun and the moon

Everything that I see has radiance of you


4- is dar pe har ek shādmāñ rahtā hai

ḳhandāñ gul-e-umīd yahāñ rahtā hai

har fasl meñ dast-e-iftiḳhar-ud-daula

naisāñ kī tarah guhar-fishāñ rahtā hai


Each one feels delighted on this threshold

Blessed and elated live on this threshold

Every harvest is lucrative and productive

Every season is bejeweled and productive


Enchaining that times of yore period 

Waiting here at your time’s threshold

You won’t be at peace for a moment

Come see my pitiful heart’s sentiment

Your wants have brought you to me

You should meet me; meet solely me

I wish to adorn my being one day ever

Viewing my being in your eyes’ mirror

Leave some charisma before you depart

Or people seek for thy merit; when departing

Overwhelming viewers seated spellbound

The moment I finished chanting my poetry

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